Astrology Compatibility By Date of Birth

Every astrology sign has a star sign compatibility with other signs. When it comes to compatibility, there are vast dimensions to it rather than just the compatibility of sun signs. The successful relationship of two people has many factors to look after than just astrology.

Those people who follow astrology and the sun signs, their compatibility can be judged by looking at their sun signs. There are many dimensions of astrology that are much complex than what they seem. Comparing charts for two people to check compatibility seems more complicated then beneficial at timers.


When one consults an astrologer, there are quite a few pieces of information that one should provide the astrologer so that the he can be accurate when informing the person about his/her compatibility. One needs to provide the exact date of birth along with the timing of birth. In case one is not aware of the time of birth, the chart will not be quite as precise and an accurate one. The timing in fact matters a lot since the astrologer can easily locate the ascendant and descendant axis and well as the placement in the house. Place of birth matters too since it is required to complete the chart in a most precise way.

Astrology compatibility by date of birth unveils the truth about one’s life. Looking for the right partner and working out the degree of compatibility too at the same time is main topic of concern today for most of the people out there. In such circumstances, astrology compatibility by date of birth has been proved as a scientific way of study for match making based upon different elements. Also, it unveils the truth about someone’s love life and at the same time it enables both the partners to actualize their demands and needs. The result of astrological analysis is mainly bases upon the planetary position as well as the individual’s and the partner’s date of birth. These calculations are tricky and depend on astrological theory of Cosmo dynes or Astro dynes. Cosmo dyne measures the strength and harmony between individuals.

Calculating the astrological compatibility between two individuals is achieved after comparing their birth charts. There are aspects in a birth chart. When talking about astrological compatibility by date of birth between two individuals, an astrologer usually overlay both charts and keenly observes the angles that the planet makes from one chart to any of the planets in the second chart. Every astrology sign has a star sign compatibility depending upon the individual.

One will be able to find a lot of online sites relating to astrology compatibility by date of birth. It is a good way to find out if an individual and the loved one are good enough for each other based on what astrology says. The compatibility report through astrology is generally rendered once the calculation of the biological data of both the partners has been completed. The report is highly accurate and arousing thus giving an insight into one’s relationship.

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