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Looking for information about free tarot readings and tarot card readings? You have come to the right place!

Tarot cards have been there in our world much before we were born and free tarot readings can make people go crazy. I don’t mean they will become mentally ill! It’s just that people have a passion for knowing tarot readings and if they are free then it’s like icing on a cake.

But don’t think that tarot card reading is that easy. There are numerous tarot cards and each of them signifies a different thing. Let me elaborate some of them to you so that you will not be blank when asked about them.

Free Tarot Readings & Tarot Card Readings: Truths

Tarot cards are almost 500 years old. They were used and are still used as a tool of divination. It is very popular in the western culture. Do you know that these cards were first used while playing a game? The name of the game was Triumphs. The occult societies of Europe patronized the cards at that time and went to expert tarot readers for free tarot readings.

The aquatic tarot card symbolizes the Rider Waite. It is one of the most beautiful decks because it is water colored with images of the past. Visconti Tarot deck is probably the oldest deck that still lingers. It represents the simplicity that we all lack in our lives. The Benedetti tarot epitomizes elegance and class. It is made on a gold leaf and had been painted for seven years keeping in mind the Visconti tarot deck.

The tarot card decks are liberal. They cater to different needs of people. There are cards for the imaginative mind too. The cat people tarot is for the person who loves to dwell in his dreams.  It is painted with mystic pictures of those lands which have never been traversed by the human feet.

Do you know about the curious tarot? The tarot is rarely seen as there are hardly such cards left. The card suggests the tribal life and their enthusiasm. Another tarot card is the Golden tarot. It is a favorite among the scholars. It symbolizes light which shatters darkness. This is not the end. There are many others such as the miniature tarot, Phoenix tarot etc. Free tarot reading is more of a passion than a necessity in today’s world.

Interested In Free Tarot Readings? Learn About Tarot Cards!

What are Tarot Cards and how can they help you?

Well to put simply a deck of tarot cards consist of 78 cards, and each of the cars themselves have a different picture that has a meaning. A standard Tarot deck has 22 cards known as the major trumps or arcana and suits for 14 cards (4 suits of them). They are very similar to every day playing cards and they are called the minor arcana or pip cards.

The reason for having so many cards in a deck is because different artists are able to interpret the tarot symbols uniquely. Each of them being able to derive their own meaning. There are literally thousands of tarot decks available and cater to a variety of diverse interest. Some more interesting ones worthy of being mentioned are basketball and baseball.

Generally speaking, people use tart cards for problem solving of everyday problems, understanding the future, visualization and meditation. There are some readers who say that they are able to seek divination and some readers are able to use tarot cards for fortune telling. Whilst there are people who use tarot occasional for fun and entertainment, others use it for more personal means, such as seeking guidance regarding future prospects.

No one really knows the exact origins of where Tarot originated from. Some say the mythical civilization of Atlantis created it. Others say that the ancient Egyptians were the founders. There are some scholars who claim that the gypsies first started using tarot card for future readings too. However, more academic references point to the evidence of tarot cards being mentioned in recorded history in the 15th century in northern Italy.
Where did Tarot originate?

There is a popular myth that has been passed down through the ages revolving around the purchasing of tarot cards. It has been stated that if you buy your own tarot cards, in a sense you are trying to control your fate and destiny. This will in turn bring bad luck into your path. This myth, although very popular with newbies, must not be taken seriously.

Although it is true that many tarot decks are received as gifts, there is nothing inherently wrong with getting a set of tarot cards yourself. Sometimes it is advisable to do so, because no one but you is able to choose your style and art the same way that you want.

Common Tarot Reading Scams

It’s important that when you get a reading from a psychic that you still listen to your common sense and intuition. If you fee that there’s some issues relating to your trust being manipulated or you have a feeling that the reader is not genuine, make sure you leave.

You have to always have a bit of skepticism in the back of your head as this will help you tell the genuine psychics from the fakes.

When you get a tarot reading make sure that you do not fall victim to these scams. I know that most of the readers you will meet will be legitimate and will not indulge in such activities, but it’s good to know of these scams:

  • Overpriced – one of the most common scam is that the psychic is charging you for a price that is way above the market average. Most readings that you should get range from between $35 to $75 an hour. NEVER pay before you get a reading. You should also keep in mind that you should pay only at the end when you feel that the reader has given you value.
  • Too cheap – be wary of readings or services that are just way too cheap. The reasons is because there’s often a catch whereby they will entice you to spend more money. The rate of the reading should always be known and set at the beginning, and just like any service, if you’re not happy you do not have the obligation to pay.
  • I sense something more… but – this type of scam usually involves the psychic saying something interesting and leading you to be very emotionally attached in the conversation, but then cutting the reading short unless you pay more money. This is surely a scam and no reputable psychic would do this.
  • The curse – This is where the psychic reader tells you that they can sense a curse or something bad with you, such as bad luck, bad aura, bad vibes and offers to remove the problem – for an additional fee. Many psychics know that the people who visit them are not in a healthy emotional state and often take advantage of them.
  • Reuniting a loved one – Another popular scam is when the reader offers to reunite you with your lover. The readers use their position of authority as a psychic to prey on you when you are weak. A genuine and sincere reader will explain to you how you can reverse your situation yourself and give you the power to improve yourself.
  • Cursed item – The reader will tell you that something expensive that you own yourself has some curse or negative energy that is affecting you emotionally, or is preventing you from finding love, or getting pregnant or being rich. They in turn will offer to destroy that item or cleanse it with a ritual of magic. So they request that you leave the item with them and pay them a fee for it. What of course happens most of the time is that they take your item and keep it!
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