How Tarot Cards Can Help You With Relationships

Are you right now fraught with troublesome questions about your relationships?

Cannot decide whether to end it or continue adjusting?

Maybe a tarot card reading can help you.

A tarot reading session might not be the magical crystal ball predicting your future but surely the readings can help you to understand yourself better and guide you while you take decisions and make choices. Like a friend it offers a perspective that will perhaps clarify your situation.


Free Love Tarot – The Answer To Your Troubled Relationships?

There are numerous websites that offer free tarot card reading, with advertisements, which often make false claims. Free readings on websites may be tempting, though you can try them out it is better that you seek an expert in case you want serious help.

A tarot deck consists of seventy-eight cards, and is divided into four suits.

There is a special deck called the “the tarot of love”, they come with a white background. Every tarot reading is preceded by a question that one wants to ask.  Anyone can learn tarot reading from books and other sources but years of practice may be necessary before you can tell what the card wants to communicate.

Imperfect learning or immature attitude often results in inaccurate readings for instance, “The Lovers” card in the deck is one card about which there are misconceptions galore. This card is not necessarily associated with love as is popularly believed. It may indicate that one has two choices ahead, and the decision will affect the future, it warns one to stay focused and not be tempted.

In reverse the card may indicate that the person is in a mental conflict and is unable to choose one path over the other, however it may also predict a break-up in recent future. Thus as one can see this card can be interpreted in various ways, so giving in to popular simplistic beliefs like  “the lover” card means new love is around the corner would be quite foolish.

While one can learn and master the art oneself with patience and perseverance, it would also help if the guidance of an expert were sought. A good tarot card reader can offer valuable guidance regarding your love and relationship problems.

Watch out for Free Love Tarot Scams!

If you are interested in getting a tarot reading, then you have to be careful that you do not get ripped off or scammed. There are many charlatans selling snake oil in this industry so you have to be on guard and make sure that you do not let them part easily with your hard earned money.

Here are some common tarot reading tricks that you need to be aware of so you avoid them and know what you do when you encounter a situation where someone might be trying to lie to you.

  • Silent readings – if you meet a reader that either implies or insists that you should not discuss the contents of the reading with your friends or family because it will bring bad luck or that it might jinx you. Then you need to be very wary. This could be because either the reader is afraid that their reading is wildly inaccurate or that they will fear that they have given the same exact reading to your friends. In situations like this you need to be cautious and consider whether the reason the reader is giving you is a valid one or not.
  • Name dropping – this trick is very hard to detect because either the psychic is really talented and genuine or is just a very practiced criminal. The reader will begin testing the waters by dropping a few names or letters to see if you bite. Say for example they might say “I sense a feeling that you have someone close to you by the name of Jame, or T, or Abbey”. Normally the reader will look at your age and then try and determine a common name during the period of where you were raised and see if something connects. If you respond positively, like saying “oh yes, I know T, it’s for Thomas, my husband”. Then you’re giving the reader more material to work off and probe.

John Edwards does this a lot on his TV shows and some call it the shotgun approach whereby the reader just starts pulling names out of the air and seems like it’s magic. But in reality, there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet so it would not be that difficult to find a few letters that connect with your immediate friends or family around you.

The returning curse – this is whereby the reader tells you that you must come back to see the exact same reader within a specific time they provide. If you do not do this then a curse will be placed upon you. If you do return then they say the bad omens around you will be lifted. If this does happen to you, do not be mistaken that the reader is able to control fate. Rather they just want you to return so that they are able to get more money out of you.

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