I have written an email to the adviser with all my data, horoscope, and other materials I believe are useful for spiritual readings. He answered in a day with a time of our reading. How surprised I was when he started telling me things I have never shared with anyone. How is this possible to read the person having almost zero information and a horoscope? My previous adviser never knew the personal facts, which this man shared with me. He became my life guide. With his help, I know that I can overcome any difficulties without blindly spending time for wondering. I am very grateful that I have discovered the service and would advise it to others.

Among all the positive sides of the service, I would highlight the following:

  • Sending an email to the session which effectively saves your money
  • Proficient readers
  • Convenient and user-friendly website
  • Personal engagement in your personality
  • Sharing knowledge

What I find not attractive:

  • I prefer personal meetings, but as far as I am satisfied with the result, talks over the phone works for me
  • I think 20 dollars per minute is super overprices
  • Some profile pictures are not pretty

The bottom line of my positive experience is that people should believe more in spirituality and discover their inner world that is strongly connected with space and environment. Some people are gifted to read our auras, which we all have. Without any personal details, these people can give you valuable advises on your personality, behavioral problems, points of concentration, and soul. We will never know all the truths about ourselves, but it is nice to have such a strong guide who can follow you in all your happiness and concerns. Not only the adviser guides you but also shares his knowledge and clarity of mind. I highly recommend all people to stop wondering and gain the right direction in soul discovery.