is a website where you can have a piece of advice from a total stranger but professional. It is almost a therapists but online. The service is not for skeptical people. Those people who are new in this and haven’t seen anything like this before can try to talk to a person for three minutes and decide whether it is worth your attention or not. This service is mostly consultations and motivations in your life. Whether you need some advice on career, personal life, making a decision, family issues, relationship in a corporate world, this is the appropriate service to use. Specialists online won’t provide you with professional diagnosis.


I was looking for a person I could talk to without reaching any offices. I needed advice, but I have no friends to share my specific problem with. Neither could I decide the problem alone nor could I speak to my spouse because the problem concerns her directly. I have decided to try Trying doesn’t hurt, does it?


I researched the website. It looks very convincing with a picture of a beautiful lady in the background. I saw that designers have done a big job here. It is responsive, it looks good, the text is short and informative, no unnecessary so-called “motivating” and annoying articles, no advertising. The website contains:

  • Short information about the service
  • Prices
  • The list of advisers
  • The drop-down list where you can choose the type of reading
  • Reviews from customers
  • Horoscope, articles and blog posts tabs


I like the minimal and user-friendly design. What I like the most is the color scheme. Together with the main background picture, it looks very disposing and eye-catching. I liked that no unnecessary pop-ups are forcing you to subscribe to a newsletter, no banners with special offers and promotions with a counter till its ending, no other disruptive rubbish. I picked a type of reading and started reviewing an adviser.


The overview of writers I liked the most. It is very user-friendly and informative. A visitor can see the number of stars, readings, and since when a person has joined the web service. Furthermore, there is a short background information, fields of specializations, methods and skills and language the person speaks. There is also a section titled “approach to topics” where the authors describe her or his abilities. Here I have finally found out what means the word “read” in this context. There was the information about the abilities to read aura and so on, but I wasn’t interested in it. I am a pretty pragmatic person, and I don’t believe in the fact that someone can ‘read’ something from your name, outfit, and the date of births. I just needed a person to talk about my problem.


Since I have made my decision, we started the session, and I didn’t like it because of the overload with ‘spiritual’ side. I have used 3 free minutes, which is another feature that I like about the service, and continued the search. Afterwards, I have found the person I was looking for and ask her not to waste time for ‘aura-reading’ things and give me a personal advice on relationships with my spouse. She explained me obvious things, which I for some reason stopped seeing. I have understood the way of thinking of women and have found a solution for my problem, which I have agreed with my adviser. She was very supportive and pleasant.


Afterwards, I have solved my problem and reached out to the adviser to express gratitude. To conclude my experience I would like to highlight the following features:

  • Three free minutes will help you to find out if you have chosen the right person
  • User-friendly and eye-catching design
  • Informative text with no ads and other annoying information
  • Convenient overview of advisers
  • Convenient payment system and low prices in comparison to real therapists
  • The resolution of the problem and support

This service is useful not only for people who believe in aura, horoscope and other spirituous aspects but also for regular human problems.