After I have started my session, I understood that I had chosen the best reader. He knew everything about my personal life and concerns only due to my date of birth. This was inspiring and unbelievable. After the session, I discovered that I have problems which I never considered to be a problem and those which bothered me were not big issues. It is important to take an alternative glance on your life. I realized how many problems we don’t see and consider to be normal. After the session, we agreed on a plan which I should follow and constant sessions once per week. Weekly readings will help me to work in the correct direction and to track the progress. With the sessions, my life has changed. Not only I got rid of my problems, but also improved my spirituality and learned plenty of important information.


After having used the service, I can highlight the following benefits:

  • Video chat helps to be engaged and concatenated fully
  • Prices are affordable
  • Specialists are proficient
  • The variety of categories
  • The option to join live session before talking to him in private, which is helpful in choosing the reader


I didn’t like the design of the web service. Such proficient specialists deserve to have more efficient platform for daily sessions.

I believe that every person needs this experience. I realized that we live with problems which bother us every day and don’t realize it. We can be upset without knowing why. It needs constant work and personal development. With the efforts, time and money invested you can improve the quality of your life and learn the art of everyday happiness. This is worth trying.