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After my session, I was assured that I had made the right choice. The lady was proficient, didn’t waste minutes talking generally; she quickly figured out all the problems and uncertainties I had in my life and offered me the way for its resolution. I was very satisfied with the reading. The most surprising moment appeared when I paid only one dollar per minute. The whole session cost me $40. It is nothing in comparison to expensive therapists. In the personal cabinet, it is possible to proceed a payment conveniently. I agreed to have one reading per week to track the work I do and the success I have. I am glad that I have found this service and this reader. This is what I have been looking for without knowing it.


Here are the main highlights of the service:

  • It is very cheap
  • It is efficient
  • The website has a nice design
  • The most profiles look great
  • Readers upload videos and voice messages
  • It is helpful for every person


The following are the cons:

  • I don’t understand why some readers prefer to chat, it less efficient
  • The one-dollar per minute price is a discount from $10-30 per minute, and this causes tension because you are constantly waiting for the rise of the price
  • It is useless for people with serious mental illnesses


I believe that this service is worth trying. Especially for this price. Even if you have never practiced anything like this, there is a chance you will discover many interesting facts about your personality. It is necessary to hear your problems from the other person. I believe that there is nothing but benefit of the service and it won’t harm to any person. If you have time and desire to discover yourself, this is the best way to do it.