Ace of CupsStirrings of the heart

On the hand, emerging from the cloud, there is a goblet (cup): the water from it flows into a lake covered with water lilies. A white dove hovers over the cup, holding a shield in its beak with a cross engraved on it, which is a symbol of the Spirit (the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition).

In some variations of this card, the goblet is surrounded by streams of water or light. In this case, it means a connection with the Cosmos, the harmony of person with himself and with the world around him.

This card means the gift. It symbolizes feelings that overwhelm the heart. For an artist, writer or any other artistic person, this card means a period of creative growth, a “gift of the muses.” In general, it can also mean some acquisitions, discoveries, mainly of a spiritual character. However, in the questions of love or business enterprises, its prediction is favorable.

Unlike the Ace of Wands, this card, on the contrary, does not recommend intervening in the course of events: it is better to wait until the problems are solved by themselves. In this case, the Ace of Cups means a “gift of fate”, a turn for the better.

In purely practical terms, it can mean simply a gift, for example, for a birthday.

Seeing an inverted card means that the time for the manifestation of abilities and creativity has not yet come, or that there will be no “gifts of destiny”. In practical terms – a gift that you must present to someone.

Tip: You must go beyond your selfish concerns in order to realize your true spiritual potential. The Spirit nourishes all things. Open to this higher wisdom and receive it into your heart.

Explanation: The number one embodies the beginning, and this cup is the symbol of the source of life. The dove symbolizes the Spirit, and five streams of water stand for five senses. The Spirit cares about the world. This moment is the beginning of all good – especially love, joy, beauty, and health. In addition, it can mean a new development of your spiritual perception of reality.

Main meanings: Feelings of emotional fulfilment and contentment. Open to new opportunities which could include a new relationship, a deeper commitment to an existing relationship, birth of child or new level of fulfilment. Positive for relationships. Either the start of a relationship or the deepening of an existing one. Can denote a relationship with someone is helping you to connect to your spiritual purpose. A celebration or happy event.

The meaning of the inverted card: At the moment, you are closed to the sensations of the heart and are too involved in the concerns of the ego, in particular, very self-centered to understand the problems of others.

The Ace of Cups is one of the best cards in the Tarot deck. Like other aces, it points to the greatest chance that opens us – it can be a chance of full self-realization. What this means for each individual depends on his own expectations. The range of meanings ​​of this card includes joy, gratitude, satisfaction, success, happiness and unity. In the first place, of course, stands love as the greatest gift in all its manifestations: love to one’s neighbor, to parents, sensual-erotic love, love of oneself and love of God. But it can also manifest itself at the most ordinary level – like luck, a gift of fate, although, as a rule, without a material substratum. In any case, it should be clear to us that the Ace of Cups denotes an unusually good chance that opens before us or before the business that we have charted but this chance is not realized by itself, it requires efforts and time from you.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In terms of work, the Ace of Cups means that we are on the right track, which will lead us not only to tangible results and professional growth, but first of all to the realization of our own vocation. Thus, here this card also opens us a unique chance – a chance to find a harmonious unity of everyday work and the process of self-realization. And, since this process takes place not so much in the external as in the inner world of a person, the sensation of full self-realization can be achieved by working as a janitor and professor of tropical medicine. In ordinary situations, this card can indicate realization of all kinds of wishes related to work – for example, success in exams or attestation, implementation of plans, project implementation, etc.


Here the Ace of Cups means “the path to yourself”, the knowledge of your deep self and finding answers to such deep questions as trust in yourself, self-confidence and reliance on yourself. It is also a victory over the three deep fears – the fear of destruction, despair because of another’s misunderstanding and the inconsolability of loneliness.

Personal Relationships

In the sphere of personal relations, the Ace of Cups means the fulfillment of desires, first of all – the desires of true Love. The chances that open before us can mean sudden love, happiness of mature love, deep mutual trust, and a sense of security and confidence in the future.