Ace of PentaclesFirm financial foundations

The hand that emerges from the cloud, holds a gold denarius. Below you can see a flowering garden, a gate and a road leading to the mountains – this is because the Ace of Pentacles symbolizes the elements of the earth. The five-pointed star on it is a pentagram that unites the five primary elements: fire, water, earth, air and ether (or, according to the eastern notions, fire, water, earth, metal and wood).

Having learned the higher meaning of the unity of the primary elements, we leave the Garden of Eden to discover a world full of miracles and this card asks us to accept everything that this world is ready to give us. It is the time to learn the secrets of life.

This card stands for a beginning – a time in your life when you can clearly and optimistically look to the future. Your personal life is stable and satisfactory, and you can expect that your business ventures will prosper.

Explanation: The Ace of Pentacles marks the beginning of a cycle of prosperity and successful enterprises. In a broader sense, it also embodies satisfaction and personal achievement. This is the time when you begin to reap the fruits of your efforts. You can get good news or praise from a friend or even get an inheritance. This card indicates that you will experience great happiness and enjoy the joys of life, for you radiate prosperity.

Main meanings: The start of a new project. A gift or financial opportunity. The wise use of time, money and effort can bring rewards. Career wise, this can suggest either a new career or a new stage in your career. With the wise handling of money, you should be able to cover your expenses.  Possibly the beginning of a relationship with someone in your work environment. Pursuing this relationship holds potential for material success and could lead to career opportunities or a business partnership. Doorways opening up for you. Stability. Emotional security.

The meaning of the inverted card: Your wealth makes you more unhappy or sad, your plans are not being implemented, and the tranquility is deceptive – everything goes not as you wanted.

The Ace of Pentacles, just like other aces from the Tarot deck, shows the chances hidden in ourselves. This ace encourages us to look inside ourselves, to look around to find the unused possibilities of getting out of the created situation, prosperous and successful in the sense of the elements of the earth, which this ace represents, that is, in the sense of not only the material but, above all, the spiritual wealth. Along with the Ace of Cups, this is one of the best cards among the Minor Arcana. However, the luck symbolized by it does not fall from the sky, it must be found. And it is quite possible that these searches will require considerable effort, like searching for treasure in a vineyard. However, the result will not only justify all your hopes, but also add a feeling of deep happiness.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here this card means that we have a great chance to reach the peak in our profession. For someone, this can mean high incomes and a stable financial situation, for someone – honor, respect, fame, and for someone it will be just an internal satisfaction and the consciousness of their independence from recognition or non-recognition by others, because the matter to which we serve, makes up the meaning of our life. In any case, this card means excellent prospects for growth and an opportunity to achieve the goal.


The Ace of Pentacles here also means the chance that opens up to us on the path of knowledge, the opportunity to get important and really necessary information. It may be some idea that will allow us to solve an seemingly unsolvable problem, or a thought that suddenly illuminates the path to success. The growth of self-awareness. A new step in the path of self-knowledge.

Personal Relationships

The chance to create a lasting, deeply spiritual union. Often this Ace falls as a harbinger of a new, incomparable acquaintance but it sometimes points out that new opportunities open up for us in an old, familiar union, which can now become a real boon for both partners.