Ace of SwordsThe Power of Intellect

In the picture, there is a hand emerging from the clouds. The hand holds a double-edged sword, which is surrounded by a crown at the top and a crown, as a rule, is decorated with an olive branch, personifying the world, and a palm leaf symbolizing victory. In the background, we see mountains. Near to the sword’s handle, in the air are floating six leaves that symbolize balance.

The sword is an important magic symbol (magic sword, dagger). As a symbol of protection, it is represented pointed down. Sometimes, if the sword is pointed upwards, then it has a crown on its top, which is a symbol of the “sword of God.” An ordinary sword pointed up and without a crown is usually not depicted on the Tarot cards because this can be a symbol of bad luck, unhappiness, and other unpleasant events.

The Ace of Swords is an element of air. It represents thought and judgment. The sword destroys all illusions, helping to see things in their true light, besides, since the Ace depicts a double-edged sword, it is recommended in this situation to assess your personal power in a global sense and not remain double-minded. Learn to react intellectually and emotionally to the world around you. This means that you must develop your insight to the extent that you are able to coordinate elements that at first may seem to be the opposite.

This card can mean acquiring clarity in something, whether it is solving a complex problem, clarifying relations with a partner, or overcoming doubts. The Ace of Swords means a solution, the resolution of some problem, generally an acute mind, or “permission from the burden,” that is, the birth of a child or a plan.

If it is inverted – it means that the problem is not solved. Perhaps the problem does not have a solution at all and, sometimes, it can mean parting with someone.

Explanation: This card represents a conquest or a triumph. Success is at hand. In dealing with questions relating to you, you are able to use your logic and intuition, and your troubles will soon disappear. However, if you are involved in some new business, carefully plan your steps and do not act hastily.

Main meanings: Clear thinking brings success. The firm grasp of an idea or thought. Depicts plans put into place for future action. Clarity of thought, practical planning and clear focus on the desired goal. Spiritually it means that you can see through material things to the spiritual causes of events and the consequences of thoughts in the material world. A clear plan in knowing what you want from a relationship. Most likely you and your partner will share common interests and goals and you will be on the same wave length.

The meaning of the inverted card: You allow your excessive power to influence your judgments, you are worried and depressed and expect that the worst will happen, you are threatened with defeat.

Each of the Aces represents a certain chance or opportunity. The Ace of Swords corresponds to the higher Mind, the power of knowledge, which leads to clarity, consistency, and ability to make decisions. In contrast to the next card (the Two of Swords), symbolizing the destructive power of doubt, here the work of the mind is carried out in the purest, lightest and most liberating form. All the acuteness of the mind that we have, we need to focus on penetrating the essence of the problem, without losing sight of the overall picture, not drowning the problem in the dispute over words and not dismissing it “for insignificance,” says this card.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this sphere, this card assumes that you are going to get a clear picture of your business, which will allow you to make completely unambiguous decisions, as well it is a sign of a close resolution of some confusing problem. Some kind of fresh stream, giving a new impetus to routine business or shifting from dead point “skidding” negotiations. Or a conversation that will put everything in its place and revive the “stagnant” atmosphere. The symbolism of sharpness and division associated with this card can mean a thoughtful decision to part with the previous work.


Here, this Ace shows that we need to tackle a new problem in a new way, which for a long time seemed to us insoluble, to divide it into separate, accessible parts and deal with them one by one: only in this way we can solve the whole problem as a whole. Thanks to this ability to analyze and synthesize, we can find a way out of intricate situations, get rid of dependencies of different kinds and start to move purposefully along a new path.

Personal Relationships

The Ace of Swords can mean here a serious conversation that will bring freedom, or a solution of a deep-lying problem. In addition, a clear and sober view of the things with which this card is associated can mean a release from illusions, that is, in the final analysis, the collapse of the union.