Ace of WandsRaring to go

On the image, we see a hand outstretched from the cloud. The hand is holding a wand, adorned with fresh buds and leaves, and in the background on this image, we can see a peaceful landscape with a cloudless sky, green field, mountains, river, and a castle located on a remote hill, which indicates future prospects.

The Ace of Wands symbolizes fire, growth, vitality, as well as masculinity, strong will, and energy. It is a symbol of fully realized desires. However, it also means that a person has a sufficient strength for their fulfillment. Therefore, if you have some desires or ultimate goals and your tarot layout contains the Ace of Wands, you can feel free to take all the steps necessary for the fulfillment of your dreams – the luck is going to be on your side in such activities!

In the most ordinary sense, it can mean a man’s power. Thus, if a man pulls out this card, it means his masculinity and strong man’s power, and if it is a woman – the Ace of Wands may mean that she should find herself a man in the nearest future.

In an inverted form, Ace of Wands, on the contrary, does not advise to interfere with the events that are happening or are going to happen soon, instead, a person should just go with a flow because he or she may not have enough strength to reach a positive result. There are also a few other meaning to keep in mind. Thus, in the ordinary sense, for men this card may mean the problems with potency. For women – an indication of the lack of men in her life.

Explanation: This is the card of creativity and new beginnings, it suggests some big changes – a new career, a new business or radical changes in a person’s lifestyle.  Being a symbol of creative energy and initiative, it reminds us that we all have great potential. This card can portend an inheritance, a new direction in your personal relationships or the birth of a child.

Main meanings: Self-discipline brings success. It indicates that a person has the energy and desire to put plans into action, depicts ideas being formed and planning for future action. Clear skies for following through goals. You will have plenty of strength and physical energy. In other meanings, it also indicates travel and movement, a fresh start or a new way of life, and it can indicate the beginning of a relationship or the deepening of an existing one. New career or course of study.

The meaning of the inverted card: Be careful – carefully evaluate and study the situation in which you are. One selfish act can spoil everything! Perhaps you lack the energy to complete the project.

The Ace of Wands is a sign of beginnings, perhaps of inheritance, as well as a sense of contentment and triumph. Just like the other Aces, Ace of Wands personifies the opportunities that have opened up before us – or we still have to open them. It stands for enterprise, courage and willingness to take risks. It also stands for inspiration, enthusiasm and discovery of one’s personality, and its most important components. Considering that the Wands correspond to the elements of fire, one can safely attribute these to strengthen the will, beliefs and moral principles, as well as other processes of internal maturation and growth. Thus, in general, the Ace of Wands symbolizes life affirmation, optimism and the joy of life. Although, however, in some cases indicates a lack of patience.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


We are given the opportunity to find out what our vocation is, and thereby realize our interests, talents and abilities. The range of values ​​of this card extends from entrusting us with a complex, brilliant and very “our” task in the place of our direct work to a unique chance to express ourselves where we previously could not do this. In any case, it shows ambition, extremely strong motivation and enthusiasm.


At the level of consciousness, this card means a period when all our strengths, convictions and our will receive their full disclosure. It is a time of inner growth, self-discovery and self-awareness.

Personal Relationships

A lively, fruitful partnership, the time when people are getting used one to another, the opportunity to create a cordial, humane kind association, or to bring kindness and love into a union already established. In any case, this card indicates a steadily growing attachment to each other, a good understanding and a desire to do something together, and since the Ace of Wands is, whatsoever, the element of fire, there can be explosions of temperament and strong passion, but everything has to go without tragic consequences.