Short description: transformation, endings, beginnings, transition.

Astrological utensils: Scorpio

Number: 13

The Death card shows a picture of a skeleton, who is wearing a robe or an armor, is sitting on a white horse, and is holding a black flag with an image of a flower with five petals in his left hand. Behind or underneath the horse there lies a dead man and ahead, there is an old man in a gold robe, who is trying to stop the horse. Often, next to an old man there is a woman and a child. In the background we can see a river with a boat on its shore. It is assumed that this river separates ours and otherworldly worlds, and on the horizon we can see the sun, either rising or setting.

All these symbols highlight that death and life are inseparable. One always has an influence on the other. The traditional definition of “death” is always associated with a sense of fear; It is impossible to completely eliminate this fear, but you can overcome it with the help of a different feeling – no wonder the Death card corresponds to the sign of Scorpio, which is a sign not only of death but also of love. Therefore, it is not considered a harbinger of physical death. The actual death is indicated by other cards, while the Death Card, which is the penultimate (not last) card of the second semester, indicates the impending or already begun renewal of the personality.

What does it mean? This card symbolizes a change, transition, and rebirth. Pulling it out of the deck means that you are entering a period of change and that you need to part with your past. You are urged to face the future with renewed hope, confidence, and knowledge that the changes that you are going through will be for the better. What if it is inverted? Then it means that you enter a period of temporary stagnation or inertia – you feel oppressed and feel the need for new ideas and motivation or it can also indicate the death of a prominent person or an impending disaster.

What other meanings exist? Surrender to change and allow it to take place. A situation is coming to an end which will clear the way for a fresh start.  It suggests that the events which cause the changes are not going to be pleasant to begin with, there may be the loss of a friendship or a relationship; or there may be financial losses. The changes may be hard to cope with but in the long run will clear away a certain amount of rubbish from the past and leave the inquirer free to make a new start. There is always a chance to make good.  Death can symbolize a new life, like marriage or birth. Women and men can sometimes be depressed after the birth of a child, as they realize that they have to let go of a phase of their life forever. This card can have a frightening effect when it appears in a reading, but it should not be seen as an actual death but as the death of a situation, sudden change or the resolution of problems.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this sphere of your life the Death most often means the end of your present activities. It recommends you to finally say  goodbye to the work or position to which you are so used to, internally free from them, in order to prepare for the new things that await you ahead. However, one should not rush things. This card advises you to give yourself some rest to take a fresh look on the situation and ask yourself whether you have fulfilled everything what you had to and only after making sure that you do not owe anything to anyone else, you can take the next step.


In this field the Death means the end of the next stage in development, it’s time to part with the old ideas about the world around you or about yourself and open up to the new ideas. Most often, this is about certain psychological attitudes that we have developed in ourselves not on our own, but adopted from parents, teachers, or other people, whom you could not treat critically. It could be their own patterns of behavior or masks. Therefore, it is time for you to get rid of the imposed ideas in order to let your true “self” come to light and develop, and in the deepest terms, this card can mean that you have developed a new understanding of death.

Love and Relationcccships

If you are currently in some relationships, then pulling out this card could mean the end of the next stage in the development of these relations, which in most cases means breaking up with the former partner. Even if it is painful, this can not be avoided. Therefore, you should not delay this parting, or, conversely, sharply tear all the previous ties, because when you tear, it also tears you up. It is important to make it as positively as possible. It is better to thank your partner for everything he has given you during this time, and wish him good luck on the next stage of the road – then this change will be for the best.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Pluto and Scorpio. Venus as a symbol of harmony, balance.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: love and annihilation.
  • Occult meaning: a woman.
  • Physical meaning: the change in the direction of energy.
  • Places: a new place of residence; a new country or city; own house, in which there are revolutionary changes.