Eight of CupsA change of heart

In the foreground, our attention is caught by eight cups. However, they are arranged so that it seems as if one is missing. A man leaves them, turning his back on what they personify, and heading to the desert mountains in the distance. It is a lone wanderer who has nothing but a staff. It is night and in the sky above we can see the Moon, which is shown simultaneously full and diminishing.

In “Tarot of Aquarius”, the picture shows us a girl standing on the river bank and surrounded by eight spinning cups. However, it seems to her that something is missing. She feels like there should be one more cup, the most important one, hidden somewhere far away or even quite near, and the girl believes that she needs this last cup to feel a complete happiness.

In fact, this is an illusion. They have everything to feel happy. They are not looking for good from the good, says this card; you just need to learn to notice this good, not looking for extra.

Tip: Open for new opportunities. Trust the leadership of the higher spiritual source.

Explanation: You are going to give up everything that used to be dear to you. Perhaps you were disappointed by friends and beloved – thus, now you feel like it is necessary to leave from destructive relations. This card is to a large extent a card of the transition period. It indicates your search for what you lack in your life. Probably, you are looking for sources of deeper, inspiring meaning and embarking on a solitary journey to spiritual realization.

Main meanings: Searching for deeper meaning in life. A realization that there is more to life than what you are presently experiencing. Retreat from being emotionally drained.  A need to let something or someone go. A time to move on.  Look within. There will be much courage and strength available to you. A need to let go of something no longer working.

The meaning of the inverted card: You want to live a worldly life and for a moment turned your back on spiritual matters. You are more interested in personal success, good food and a pleasant company. Soon you will have a new lover in your life.

The Eight of Cups is one of the three “breakthrough” cards, signifying a sad farewell. It shows that we must leave the familiar surroundings, part with people or things, and go on a long journey, into the unknown future.

In any case, it shows that we were not expelled, it was our decision to leave someone or something (note that this decision could be made due to the fact that you had no other choice). Thus, the interpretation of this card has two main points: we must abandon what is dear to us, and we will have to deal with the fact that we can’t learn what is waiting for us in the future.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Most often, it’s parting with the previous work. This can be a general departure from a current activity – due to your age, as a result of the decision to devote oneself to the family, or because of the curtailment of this industry, or for other similar reasons. Pain due to parting with the familiar, long familiar, is combined here with a feeling of uncertainty in the future. However, this card can also indicates a less profound change in our life: your work is transferred to another or is generally closed as unpromising.


Here this card stands for the realization that our former views, habits or some elements of the world view no longer serve us faithfully and truthfully, and we need to get rid of them. Sometimes this happens due to the transition to the next age group, when we have to give up much in order to become wiser and more mature. This process is often accompanied by a feeling of fear and despair. But these steps, even if they are difficult, lead to a new freedom.

Personal Relationships

The Eight of Cups, in this sphere, indicates a possibility of parting with a person or people, which for us are still very significant. This card indicates a crossroad where our paths separate, indicating that it’s time for us to say good-by, gratitude to them and, if necessary, tear the “cord” that connected us with them to move our own way. On a deeper level, it can mean parting with the old ideas about a partner as a fairy prince or a princess, realizing that there are no ideal partners, giving up naive dreams and returning to reality, which does not hurry to disclose to us its secret of how to bring a partner closer to the ideal.