Eight of PentaclesThe work card

The card shows a young man with a hammer in his hands – an apprentice, who is working on one of the pentacles, carving a pentagram (five-pointed star) on it. He is creating the eights pentacle. The other seven are already made – one of them lies on the ground and the six others are exposed vertically, like trophies. In the background, you can see the city.

It is a coin chaser who does not work for himself, but for others. He creates material or spiritual values ​​that other people will use. He does not strive for feats, but simply does his job – therefore, peace reigns in his soul as he knows that his work will not be wasted in vain, that people need it. This person is free.

In the “Tarot of Aquarius” on this card is depicted a rich young man, carried away by a beautiful girl but while he is talking to her, the thief takes eight coins out of his pocket. The meaning of the plot is almost the same, but the nuance is the following: do not rely on money and do not make saving them your ultimate goal. In an important situation, they will not help you. Thus, let them better help others.

In practice, the Eight of Pentacles means success but a success provided to a person that does not seek personal gain, especially enrichment. Any lucre can negate all efforts. Your work will be rewarded, says this card, but most likely not there and not the way you expect, therefore – do not count on the reward in advance. You have considerable talents and potential, but there is a chance to improve and develop these talents even more, thanks to your perseverance and discipline.

Explanation: The Eight of Pentacles is associated with work, employment, skill. In addition, it can indicate that there is a small reward ahead of you. The man pictured on this card is young and inexperienced compared to the one depicted in the Three of Pentacles but he demonstrates a strong desire to develop and improve his skills. If you draw this card, this is a sure sign that you are mastering some new profession, and even if you are not yet receiving substantial material rewards for your efforts, you are definitely on the right track. However, it can also indicate that you are so absorbed in the work that you neglect relationships with other people.

Main meanings: Studying, developing new skills or learning a trade. Commitment to goals. You may find a hobby developing into a career.  Perseverance and hard work is required.  Can suggest studying to broaden your expertise in whatever field you are already in. Improve your career prospects.

The meaning of the inverted card: You need clear instructions and guidance, you are doing everything wrong – avoid hard work and use your skills for unethical purposes.

The Eight of Pentacles means the beginning of some promising business. This is the card of the Apprentice, ready to begin a long and difficult, but extremely important work for him. Thus, the card combines the motives of the beginning and a beautiful perspective for the future. In addition, it shows that we are interested in our business, we derive pleasure from it and are proud of the first results. It can also mean a newbie’s luck.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Moving to a new job or doing a new, unusual work for us. We embark on it, not yet having the necessary skills or experience but with a burning desire and interest. In practical terms, this card can mean a tuition fee in the literal sense – or that psychological “fee” that we need to pay to enter into a new area for us. However, the main meaning of the card is the bright prospects that are opening up for us in this new area.


Here, the Eight of Pentacles means that we will again have to sit at a desk – in a literal or figurative sense. There comes a period of study, and we will either master a new field of knowledge, or acquire a new life experience and, depending on our willingness to perceive the new, this period will bring us the joy of discovery or seem painful and difficult. However, in any case, this knowledge and experience will be valuable and useful for us.

Personal Relationships

In the field of personal relations, this card also marks the beginning of a new, promising phase – it could be a new acquaintance, or maybe a qualitatively new stage in the development of the old union, during which we see far-reaching and, as a rule, encouraging prospects.