Eight of SwordsRestriction

Here we see a blindfolded, tied woman, who walks through puddles: eight swords are thrust in the ground all around her. Behind the woman we can see the fortress. She got out of the fortress, but can not take advantage of her newfound freedom: she seems to be still a prisoner, that dangers lie in wait for her at every turn.

However, the sky on the card is clean. If you look closely, you can see that the ties that bind the woman are weak, and she can easily get rid of them – she just has to put a bit more effort to it and there are no swords on her way – they all stand apart.

What does it mean? You do not need to consider yourself weak and helpless, says this card. The dangers that you expect are not that great and perhaps they do not exist at all – all you need is to discard the bonds, feel free, and boldly go ahead!

In an inverted form, on the contrary, the Eight of Swords advises you to keep away from doing anything: it is better to wait for a more favorable moment.

Explanation: At the present time, you feel trapped but your captivity was created by you and, most likely, it will not last long. Perhaps, you are captivated by your own fears, beliefs and insecurities, you are afraid to go beyond the current situation. More broadly, this card shows someone who is indecisive, who may be too weak to stand up for himself, or fell into the trap of illusory thoughts that interfere with personal development. Pulling out this card can also indicate that you have been weakened by the disease.

Main meanings: Feelings of restriction, confusion and anxiety. A lack of confidence, communication and faith in yourself.  Fear of making a decision in case of hurting another. Although you are blindfolded, tied up and surrounded by swords, your feet are free to walk out of this situation whenever you like. Number eight represents strength and courage, so you will have inner reserves to carry you through. Examine your inner beliefs as it is these that are binding you. For the way out follow your intuition.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are no longer afraid – you are free from all restrictions and you can start all over again.

The Eight of Swords shows that we ourselves are suppressing some part of our personality. Often these are internal barriers or bans that we usually put on ourselves, but we prefer to find their cause in the environment. In this case, the only obstacle you can face on the way to your goals is, in fact, only you. This card shows us that those limitations, difficulties and prohibitions that we perceive as a hindrance, do not belong to the outside world but reflect only our own fears and barriers. In any case, the Eight of Swords warns that we are suppressing something in ourselves. Although sometimes it can only be a temporary waiver of something or a voluntary restriction based on quite reliable information.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Our work does not allow us to reveal ourselves to some aspects of our personality, so we have to suppress them. If we know that we are forced to make such a restriction now, we can agree with it. If the card points to a position that does not have an end, then it should be taken as advice to urgently grant yourself personal freedom, and in extreme cases, to change jobs.


At this level, the card can have two meanings. It can mean the icy tyranny of the mind, by which we suppress the most important impulses and feelings, believing that this means “keeping under control” our desires, drives and dreams or – the realization of this tyranny, and thus the first step towards the liberation of our inner prisoner.

Personal Relationships

Here, too, are mainly barriers. We hide some aspects of our personality, because we are afraid to show them to our partner. In any case, the card recommends changing this position as soon as possible, because suppression of some part of our “I” will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the alliance sooner or later. However, the card can also describe the feeling of loneliness when we live without a partner. Then it means our inner unwillingness to open up to another person, accept all the joys and sorrows associated with it in advance, and advises to create all the prerequisites necessary for this, and then it will happen by itself.