Eight of WandsFull speed ahead

On the picture there are eight wands that are flying parallel to each other through the cloudless sky and below the wands we can see a peaceful landscape. Unlike the previous cards, this one doesn’t depict any people. This card symbolizes the present time and things that happen here and now. Thus, it asks you not to make plans for the future and instead, it recommends you living here and now, catch the moment, and not look too far. The eight wands are some kind of communication vehicles that cross the visible Universe, inviting us to hear their call.

The figure eight is also a symbol of Power. This card does not give a direct answer to the question asked by you but only indicates that the time for an answer has not yet come, it is not the most important question now, and it is better to focus on something else instead.

In other versions of Tarot decks, the eight wands form some kind of a fence, blocking the path of the rider or form an eight-pointed figure, which is a symbol of chaos but, although the symbolism is different, it is clear that the meaning of it is the same.

This card means: “Yes, but not as soon as you think”. This means that your plans or goals will be realized, but in six or eight months. In an inverted position, this card may mean that the implementation of your goals and planed is postponed even further and will require you to wait a year and a half or even more until you will reach the desired result.

What else does it mean? This card recommends you to patiently wait for the events to develop, and do not rush it – when you are offered different options, carefully consider all the consequences of your decisions, so that these solutions meet specific situations.

Explanation: Although the number eight symbolizes the balance of opposing forces, we are reminded that we have to review previous decisions and assess the current situation, since the target is close. Since the sky plays a certain role on this card, it is quite possible that you are going to travel by air – a business flight to a nearby country or overseas but it is also likely that your business can be suspended in the air and you need to show determination in order to get a satisfactory result.

Main meanings: All systems go.  Anxieties will reduce and there is much free flowing energy around you. Things are going to speed up and you will be enthusiastic having lots of energy. Full steam ahead. A good time to pursue romantic interests. Likely travel or news from overseas. Don’t rush into new business ventures just now.

The meaning of the inverted card: The card speaks about vulnerability, jealousy, violence, quarrels and disputes in the family. The message you are waiting for will not come.

The main symbol of this card is time. It is the only of all 78 cards that clearly indicates that events will occur in the very near future. However, it also has a deeper meaning, it shows that something is changing, something is in the air and is going to come sooner than we expect, and that this process has already begun, even if we did not yet noticed. At the same time, the Eight of Wands foreshadows predominantly favorable events, good news or pleasant surprises.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


If you had certain plans or expectations related to the work, then they will be implemented in the very near future; If these were fears, then alas, they will come true. It also says that this process was preparing for a long time, and the results are close, or that it suddenly accelerated pace, and so we need to urgently prepare for the end, although we assumed that there is still plenty of time. Often this card means an unexpected success.


Here the Eight of Wands means that our learning process is accelerated, that something is in the air, and although we get the information from an unexpected source, it is, nevertheless, will greatly help to expand our horizons. It is a living, flexible card that indicates the spontaneous nature of the changes that occur and quite often means that frozen, obdurate representations come into motion.

Personal Relationships

In terms of personal relationships, it means revitalization and new incentives. It can be a quick conclusion of a new, unusual fruitful union (partnership), or a positive development of the already existing union and only in case all other cards from your layout portend troubles, we should expect unpleasant surprises.