Five of CupsLoss and disappointment

In the picture, we see a man, who is wearing a black mantle. The man has sadly lowered his head, looking at the three overturned cups lying next to his feet. Although behind the man there are two more cups that are full standing firmly on the ground, the person does not notice them as he is too busy being disappointed and despaired because of those cups that have overturned. Next to the man we can see a river, which is a symbol of an insurmountable barrier, which is separating the man from a beautiful castle, where he lives (which now seems unreachable). Everything on his card shows despair and total life failures. However, not everything is that bad. If you look a bit further, there is a bridge that can take the man to his castle.

No, life is not over, says this card: your sorrow is really big and the losses are significant, but there will be more joys and acquisitions ahead. You just need to look back, stop thinking about your grief – and it will go to the past, and a happy future will open before you. And even in an inverted form, it means practically the same, only it will take a little longer.

Explanation: The number five embodies change and uncertainty. This card symbolizes deep sorrow or loss of a loved one. Perhaps, marriage or other relationships are falling apart and it seems that life is burdened with disappointment and nothing makes sense or joy. It is significant that the figure on this card pays much more attention to the overturned bowls, rather than the two that stand straight. Therefore, although there is a loss, there is also hope, we need to overcome our sorrow and regret in order to take advantage of new opportunities.

Main meanings: Feelings of sadness, loss and disappointment.   You may be feeling separated from life at the moment.  Don’t fight it, go with it and experience it, for in so doing you are opening the way for new opportunities to come to you. By facing your fears you can turn them from monsters into soft fluffy kittens.  Release old hurts in order to move on. There will be help from a friend or spiritual guide. All is not lost.

The meaning of the inverted card: Now everything looks much more optimistic than before – old friends or beloved have returned to you or will do so soon, and thus, you also have enough courage to move forward.

The Five of Cups is a card of sadness, pain, despair and melancholy. It shows that we have lost something that has been very important for us for a long time. It shows that we will not be left alone with our grief, but we can count on the sympathy and help of friends. However, this comforting side of the card should not be interpreted in the sense that our grief is far-fetched, and that soon we will be happy again. Often the card shows that our own frivolity is the one to blame for everything and that we did not appreciate what we have, and therefore lost it. However, there is a way out of this situation: the card advises not to focus on your grief for too long.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Five of Cups stands for a disappointment and pain due to a failed project. It can mean a failure in the exam, a waiver of a place or a deal from which we expected a big profit, but which has brought us only losses. However, the card advises: analyze everything, find your mistake, check whether your attitude is not too frivolous or negative from the very beginning.


This card shows that we have experienced disappointment, pain and resentment and must now learn a lesson from this. Often this means giving up naive, idealistic ideas and moving towards a more mature and pragmatic philosophy of life. This card is especially important when we finally realize that the reason for our disappointment was our own negligence, carelessness or capriciousness, or when the pain that is experienced makes us reconsider our previous patterns of behavior and develop a new outlook on life.

Personal Relationships

In the sphere of personal relations, the Five of Cups, as a rule, means the breakdown of the former union or disappointment. If this is indeed a sad end to the once beautiful union, then we should ask ourselves what kind of contribution we made to this personally. Often, at the same time, we are surprised to see that one of the main reasons for the disintegration was our own irritation, which developed on the basis of boredom. Only realizing these reasons, we will get a chance to learn a lesson from all that has happened in order not to repeat our mistakes.