Five of PentaclesPoverty

The image on this card depicts two beggars who are making their way through the snowstorm. The strong wind and snowfall are following along their way as they pass by the brightly lit window of the church, the stained glass of which contains an image of five pentacles. In the “Tarot of Aquarius” it depicts a young man in pursuit of a ghost. One beggar is wrapped in a handkerchief to keep warm. The second one is on crutches.

This card symbolizes people (or a person) who have become accustomed to their position and do not even think that it can be changed – their perception is so limited that they pass by the house, maybe a temple, where they could find shelter, food, and a kind word. However, they do not pay attention to the window. They do not take their eyes off the ground in the hope of finding a pitiful penny in the mud or they just don’t believe that someone can give a shelter to beggars.

This card recommends you to forget at least for a moment about the usual course of things. It encourages you to raise your head and wake up. And if you do this, you will for sure open something new and bright – do not pass by your happiness, do not miss the opportunity to solve your problems, though in an unusual, but effective way.

What should you do? You can use your present misfortunes as an opportunity for personal growth. Perhaps there is a feeling of emotional bruising or spiritual devastation but the turning point of your life has come and whether you will go forward with a more positive attitude or with a negative one – it depends solely on you.

Explanation: Pulling out this card means that you need to reconsider your life in order to determine for yourself what you want to achieve and how you can do it. Your health and well-being have left you. In addition, you may have lost your way spiritually and physically. You do not care about yourself properly, your life is chaotic, and it seems that love is away from you; there was a “dark night” in your soul and it seems that everything is directed against you.

Main meanings: Financial difficulties and struggle accompanied by loss of faith in oneself.  Can indicate unemployment or uninteresting work. A need to look inwards.  Family and friends are likely to be helpful at this time and offer emotional support. On a positive note there will be strengthening of character and relationships through riding out tough times and being able to adapt to changing conditions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The meaning of the inverted card: You take life lessons, even when they are unfavorable, and try to overcome the obstacles that you face – you can be offered a new job, while the feeling of spiritual awakening enriches your life.

The Five of Pentacles is a card of crisis, deprivation, and turmoil. This is a decline, a failure in business, when we feel miserable, unhappy, abandoned, and sometimes indeed we are in straitened circumstances. At the same time, the Five of Pentacles rarely serves as a harbinger of really serious losses, sorrows or ruin, but only points to the uncertainty of the situation and to our subjective sense of fear of losing ground underfoot. Such periods of decline are characteristic of any crisis of growth. It indicates a time when a person leaves a certain sphere that has become habitual, stable, and passes into a new, still unfamiliar, and possibly dangerous.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Problems and objective difficulties that may interfere with our affairs and plans, or even deprive us of work. Thus, the card means the danger of losing something (property, money, position) fail in the exam, generally suffer a fiasco. It also often falls due to a job change, when the usual business and guaranteed earnings are replaced by new tasks and increased risk, such as when switching from a service in a firm to private entrepreneurship. However, the card does not at always mean a failure. It is rather a normal feeling of insecurity in the transition from the old to the new in the process of professional growth. Thus, it characterizes only a subjective sensation, and only in rare cases means a real failure.


Subjective feeling of poverty, decline, although in reality there can be nothing like this. The card shows only that we are preoccupied with our further destiny, although life here can be quite secured and even rich. The lesson of such feelings is that poverty can not be overcome by any external wealth and, on the contrary, that external poverty does not interfere with the wealth of the soul. In addition, this card can point to another growth crisis, which is quite natural for any development process, during which our (innate) fear of poverty and decline manifests, although the path to new, light distances can lie just through them.

Personal Relationships

In personal relationships, this card means a sense of abandonment, loss. It’s a terrible feeling that someone we like does not like us back, that no one needs us, and there is no chance we can get a reciprocal sympathy. It can also express a feeling of hopelessness that must be perceived as an approximation of the “fracture” phase, when we can finally get rid of the old patterns of behavior and build qualitatively new relationships. If it serves as a harbinger of a crisis, then this crisis is an inalienable element of development. It is not a catastrophe. After such a crisis, relations between partners only get better.