Five of SwordsEmpty victory

The sky is covered with thunderclouds. The arrogant man looks mockingly at two people, from whom he took the swords and the two defeated figures look discouraged. In the foreground – the winner, holding one sword in his right hand and two, beaten off from the opponents, in the left. Two more swords lie right there on the ground.

The card indicates the end of a heavy battle, which cost a lot of power and efforts to both the winner and the defeated. It can also mean leaving, parting with someone. In general, the card says that the person who has pulled it out of the Tarot deck is going to face some kind of struggle, the outcome of which is unclear; losses in any case are obvious, and the win is doubtful. So is it worth it to start?

If you have just emerged victorious from a conflict situation, then this card recommends you to stop for a minute and think – what is the price of this victory? Is it at the expense of others? If you are defeated, then what can you do to avoid being exploited in the future?

Explanation: This card denotes degradation, destruction, shame, failure and loss. The person depicted in the foreground is the master of the situation, so it is quite clear that here both the winner and the defeated are shown. The individual value of this card when it is pulled out will depend on the nature of the other cards located next to it in the layout. In addition to defeat and loss, this card means cowardice and cruelty. The positive side of this card is that it probably shows you that under adverse circumstances you need to save something valuable and important, and the situation depicted here can be a lesson for you.

Main meanings: Tension, conflicts and arguments. Conflict could be on an inner level or with people around you. This card indicates that someone comes out on top, but only through brute force or manipulation.  A satisfactory conclusion to the matter will only come when all parties are able to have their say and each one really listens to the other. A need for clear communication. This card can also represent the defeat and destruction of a negative behavior pattern in the inquirers life. Could suggest that you have simply taken on too much and are not coping well with the added responsibility.  Acting in a negative and destructive manner.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are still experiencing loss, but not as seriously as you expected; you won the Pyrrhic victory and behave dishonestly in dealing with others.

The Five of Swords, perhaps, the most “harmful” card of the Minor Arcana Tarot, it means an aggravation of the conflict, a nasty scandal, baseness and meanness. At the same time, the card does not indicate whether all these malicious acts emanate from ourselves or, conversely, we were dragged into this unseemly history as a victim. Only the remaining cards can tell about this. However, in any case, the Five of Swords means “Pyrrhic victory”, which will not be long to please the winner.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here, the Five of Swords marks a difficult period associated with intrigue, slander and the lowest insults, after which usually there should be a dismissal, and often a dramatic continuation in court. However, the card can mean any sensitive impact – rejection of the project, failure in the exams. Sometimes it can be the manner of acting extremely shamelessly, “walking through the corpses”.


At the level of consciousness, it means that we are experiencing a period of aggressive, destructive thinking, the form of expression of which is from irritability, the thirst for destruction to misanthropy and the cult of violence. Sometimes, these impulses turn against ourselves – in the form of a consistent undermining of one’s own health or suicide attempts. The most unpleasant form is the “psychology of the crusader,” who considers or gives out his destructive activity for “virtue” or for serving a certain higher cause. In the field of self-knowledge, it can mean the sudden collapse of all former ideals and the deepest despair associated with it – which, however, may be the beginning of the path to the discovery of Truth.

Personal Relationships

A period of heartlessness, hatred, all meanness and a sadistic thirst for revenge, when the partners inflict the most cruel and ruthless blows on each other. This happens in those unions that either have already disintegrated, or they are soon to do so. And since such infuriated opponents are usually incapable of agreeing with each other, their third person can best help their reconciliation, the person is absolutely neutral. And then only if both partners decide on this, because the one who considers himself to be “stronger” (or more right-winged) often rejects, with a mockery, any attempts by the other to reconcile.