Five of WandsAn exciting challenge

This card depicts five young people with wands in their hands. First, it looks like these people are fighting but it’s not a fight in its standard meaning, it’s just that they are overwhelmed with energy and they find a way to let it out through this game. This card shows the spirit of competition and game. This card indicates the lack of desire, the absence of a specific goal. The efforts of people involved in solving your question are directed in different directions, as are the efforts of the people depicted on the map. While what you are doing does not lead to any result. You should formulate your goal more specifically and enlist the support of others.

Thus, in practical life its meaning is “there is a lot of noise, but there’s not much sense” – if you want to start a business, the Five of Wands promises nothing but bothers and problems, which, however, will not lead you to the desired result. If, on the contrary, you are afraid of something, for example, that you will be sued, then you don’t have to be afraid of anything, because the empty troubles will fall to the share of your ill-wishers.

In an inverted position this card also means that there will be lots of troubles and noise, which although will bring a certain result, it will likely be quite unfavorable for you.

Explanation: The number five is associated with uncertainty. This card represents a release of rival and possibly militant forces. Thus, the Five of Wands means that you are probably involved in a quarrel or a dispute with someone or that you have begun a warlike legal battle. You may have encountered many obstacles. Nevertheless, the willingness to be firm and to stand up for oneself can, of course, lead to positive results.

Main meanings: There is an outer struggle and conflict, people are not working together. Inner struggle from too many demands on your time and energy. Things are not going to run smoothly for a while and there will be delays. Frictions & frustrations. One step forward – two steps back.

The meaning of the inverted card: It shows not conflict, but rather peace and harmony. Your relationships are stable and harmonious, and life provides you with new opportunities that you can consider as a challenge but an exciting and important one.

The Five of Wands always represents a certain challenge. It is a kind of an invitation to measure our strength, compete, and see whether you are strong enough to handle a challenge but this is by no means connected with enmity or a serious battle. You are just offered to test your abilities – maybe in some competition, a dispute or in some new business. Often, it means that you have enough strength to handle the given challenge. Thus, you just get a chance to apply your talents and abilities, so there is no reason to be afraid. Chances that this card offers should not be missed because they give us the opportunity to see our abilities, to realize them, and, maybe, to get some valuable experience and positive results of our work.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Five of Wands means the task that we have to complete. It, of course, will require us to apply certain effort. However, it does not require more than you can actually handle – it can be a new, unusual task, or an unusual volume or scope of work, to which we are not used to or a multi-way combination that requires agility and ingenuity. This is a competitive task, which should be treated as a game, not as something too serious.


Here, this card means a problem or puzzle. It often means that you will have to struggle in order to solve it but it will help you to move forward considerably along the path of cognition.

Personal Relationships

In this sphere the Five of Wands symbolizes a family of debaters who love each other but they sometimes wrangle or compete in something. This is not a romantic union of two gentle souls. It is about a constant struggle. However, this feature may not be inherent in the union as such, but reflects only a certain period in the life of partners or they have to fight together to solve a problem.