Four of CupsDiscontent

A gloomy young man (in some decks – a girl) sits under a tree or at a table, a hand coming out of the cloud holds out a cup to him, but he turns away. He does not look at the three other cups standing in front of him.

This is a man who feels offended by everyone at once, like a child. He does not notice or does not accept the gift offered to him. “Why would I do something?” Why should I suffer?”- he asks himself, believing that refusal to act, giving initiative to others turns him into a philosopher. However, this is obviously not true. Instead, he becomes a person who constantly misses his chances due to his own stupidity and inconvenience. It is necessary to step over the small grievances, says this card.

In practice, this often means a stupid ambition for which a person is ready to miss a unique opportunity, to refuse from a profitable proposal. Thus, it recommends us to stop pouting, and finally start listening what the fate and your inner voice tell you. Otherwise, you will regret it.

Explanation: This card indicates discontent with yourself and detachment from the world. Here we see a clear departure from material success and immersion in ourselves. This card concerns the revision and adjustment of personal goals and values, in addition, it speaks of signs of indecision and insecurity. The cup of inspiration floating in the sky is definitely a gift from the Spirit, but it is far from clear whether the young man will accept this gift. There are signs of depression and a clear lack of motivation.

Main meanings: Apathy, boredom.  Indicates a need to connect with the spiritual or inner self.  Feelings of dissatisfaction and sometimes depression especially in regard to relationships.  A need to stay connected with friends and interests. Don’t let despondency blind you to opportunities being presented. Use this time wisely to think things through. Reluctance to accept help & support.

The meaning of the inverted card: The interpretation of an inverted card is much more positive – new relationships are possible, there is a motivation for work and actions in ordinary life, new ambitions take shape.

The mood of this card is best determined by the concepts of “satiety”, “bust”. Remember the impermanence of our feelings: we all desire the soul with all our strength, but having achieved this (and even more than we wanted), we suddenly realize that we do not need it, and we are covered with despondency, resentment and disgust. This can be expressed in grumbling, indifference or vice versa, irritation, despair and the desire to destroy everything. Anyway, this card serves as a warning: do not let your bad mood develop into apathy, so as not to miss a favorable chance and not push away the helping hand.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Four of Cups shows that the work has finally lost its attractiveness for us, and we are increasingly embraced by despondency, anger and resentment. It can also mean that we are tired of monotonous work, the desire to strike against something, and wounded self-esteem. In such situations, we should consider this card as advice and warning: do not waste time on fruitless whining, not to miss a new, already very close chance.


Here the Four of Cups has a wide range of meanings: it’s a barren reflection and apathetic laziness, a crisis of despair due to a “mediocre life”. If we are talking about easy forms of despondency, somehow laziness and unwillingness to do something, then the card means that in the very near future a fresh wind of change will break into our life. If this is really a deep crisis of consciousness, then it should be perceived as a signal of alarm and advice to immediately engage in something that can lead us out of apathy and return to normal life.

Personal Relationships

In this sphere, this card means a heavy if not to say poisoned atmosphere. It shows that we are blinded by jealousy or cherish our “insult,” punishing the partner with silence or completely ignoring him. Usually, in such a mood, we do not notice those gestures of goodwill and steps towards reconciliation that the partner is making. The card advises to overcome this apathy as soon as possible and meet its “peaceful initiatives”. If both partners are so stubborn that they have already reached the “positional war”, then they can be offered to play the Game or disintegrate the Gordian knot; this, of course, may pour into a thunderstorm, but after a thunderstorm the sky, as is known, becomes lighter.