Four of PentaclesHolding tight

In the picture we see a rich man, who sits on a bench or throne. In the background, we see a city, so it is possible to assume that the man has come from the city; the man is rich and it looks like he is doing everything possible to preserve his property. He looks so cautious and suspicious, as if jealously guarding the fruits of his labor. He holds a pentacle with both his hands, keeping it next to his chest. Two more pentacles are located straight under the man‘s feet and one more decorates his crown.

It looks like this man is quite greedy. However, rather in the moral sense, than in the material one. He is afraid or ashamed to show his feelings and he is always wasting lots of time to think whether it is possible and necessary to show a loved one that he loves him or her. He does not listen to his heart. He is more used to relying only on his mind.

However, this card reminds us that if we do not waste a certain energy, it may run out – therefore, if we hold our feelings to ourselves, they can eventually turn opposite as we become lonely and dissatisfied with our lives. This Arcana recommends not to be shy of what we feel. Not always relying on your mind is better than following your heart.

In the “Tarot of Aquarius” this card depicts a man who has already overcome this “greed”. In the Tarot layout, it can have a direct meaning – for example, you will be denied when asking for a loan. However, the situation won’t be hopeless – you can convince a person.

In an inverted form, the card predicts a situation that is almost hopeless: you will not convince a person.

Explanation: Pulling out this card shows that you are too concerned about material success and physical property. In addition, you probably turned your back on society, which provided you with opportunities to accumulate your wealth. Keeping the accumulated gives you a sense of calmness. However, at the same time, there is a risk of becoming an unhappy, mean person. Nevertheless, you are focused, resolute, and also prudent in your business contracts, you have clear goals.

Main meanings:  Holding onto money and material things. Financial discipline.  Indicates a time to save money and pay off debts. Money matters dominate your entire thinking.  Hanging on to what you have. Keeping a good eye on money coming in and going out.  Suggests a good time to invest money. You must however, be careful not to become too miserly and remember to be a little generous to yourself and those around you.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are faced with a major loss or serious obstacles. Another meaning of the inverted card: you are managing your money too irresponsibly; you need to stop unreasonable spending.

The Four of Pentacles means an excessive concern for the future, manifested in greed, stinginess and a deep-seated fear of any change. Such an attitude is inherently hostile to life, because any attempts to “stop the moment”, to keep everything as it is, are not only in vain, but also contrary to the natural course of things. Thus, this card usually indicates that we are in one step to stagnation. At the moment we need to concentrate, limit ourselves in some way, retreat or, having started to work, not to let it out of our hands.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this sphere, this map shows that we are clinging to our job or, at least, expecting that it guarantees us a stable income and well-being. This is an expression of an excessively conservative attitude toward life, which blocks us the way to new, more favorable situations. Sometimes it means that we are just used to thinking and acting in a certain way, not wanting to revise our positions or to learn new things.


At the level of consciousness, the Four of Pentacles means some idea-fix or entrenched prejudice that prevents us from perceiving new opportunities and views. Here it plays the role of a warning. We are close to falling victim to our own obstinacy or our own limitations. This card should be taken as a council to abandon our previous ideas as soon as possible, to learn to perceive new views and ways of acting, because otherwise we are risking to face a crisis that will ultimately force us to do this.

Personal Relationships

Sad state. A person is afraid of open, natural relationships, trying to replace them with rituals and once and for all set patterns of behavior. A person “clings” to a partner, which speaks of his subconscious fear of being abandoned. And while these attempts are humanly understandable, they are at the same time stupid: where trust is replaced by constant concern (“what will be tomorrow?”), And natural human relations – by ritual, “contractual,” all love dies. Therefore, the card here again serves as a warning: even if such concern is the result of the best intentions, it will still lead to a negative outcome.