Four of WandsPutting down roots

Here we can see four wands in the foreground. The wands are decorated with garlands of flowers and they form an entrance to a beautiful garden, where we can see male and female figures in light dresses greeting us. In the background is a beautiful palace. Two people are holding bouquets of flowers.

The card is a symbol of joy and fun, it says that life is beautiful and means that friendship, love, and good human relations are going to follow you along your path.

In practical terms, it means that a person already has (or he can find, if he is not too lazy to look around), a good house, good friends, in short ā€“ a “resting place” where joy awaits for him, and it also gives a favorable answer to almost any question.

In an inverted position, it indicates the (temporary) inability of a person to experience the joy of life, the trust in friends and relatives, and thus, perhaps, it advices to postpone his plans until his composure is restored.

Explanation: This card symbolizes harmony, peace and prosperity, as well as well-done work. In addition, it can mean a recovery after difficulties or the time of consolidation, which comes after a period of prolonged effort. You need to regain your strength before moving on to the next stage. Nevertheless, you can fully enjoy the results of the hard work that has been done. This card means that your relationship is stable and that love can result in a strong and harmonic marriage.

Main meanings: The act of making your plans a reality. The Four of Wands suggests romance and compatibility. This card also means that you may be moving to another house or change your current job, but it always means a time to reap rewards.

The meaning of the inverted card: With a positive attitude, you will achieve good results. Learn to appreciate the advantages of ordinary life and find comfort in the support of friends and relatives.

The Four of Wands corresponds to a period of peace and quiet during which we open up to meet life and its joys. We are confident of our own safety, and therefore we are ready to leave the “fortress walls” and enter the outside world. It means communication, entertainment, pleasure and joy of life. It is also a symbol of discovery of your inner ā€œIā€ and a feeling of deep interrelation with other people.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The work you do is good, promising, and you are not threatened with losing it, working conditions suit you perfectly, so you do our work with pleasure. The period of satisfaction from work, the work itself brings joy. However, the card can also mean a calm, without problems, transition to another job or to new responsibilities.


The experience and knowledge you acquired earlier were very valuable and useful but they already served their purpose. Now it’s time for you to move forward. You have a good foundation, you are ready to take an unprejudiced view of new things, so the next stage of knowledge will bring you true joy.

Personal Relationships

The Four of Wands symbolizes the cloudless period of peace and quiet. You experience a sense of security, while maintaining the openness of the soul and treating others with kindness and love. You are doing something together with a partner, and this gives you pleasure, new contacts and the joy of life.