King of CupsWise counsel

The throne of the King is durable and stable, even though it stands on a stormy sea. Wrapped in a long robe, the King in his right hand holds a large cup, and in the left hand, he is holding a short scepter. On his neck, he has a gold chain with a picture of a fish. On the right, in the distance, we can see a ship, and to the left, we see as a dolphin jumps out of the water.

The cup that the King is holding has a burning fire inside of it. His feelings are too strong for him to remain calm. Another moment and he will rush to meet the storm. The quiet period in his life has ended but on the chest, he is wearing a symbol of power over the water element, which means that he will defeat it.

Often it is an artist, a writer, perhaps a psychotherapist or occultist, who is famous and respected. He took on difficult duties, but they are within his power.

In the direct position, this card has the following interpretations – empathy (the ability to empathize), disinterested help, courtesy.

Tip: You must eliminate the outdated way of thinking and develop your self-knowledge. Once we have coped with our emotions, we are able to think sensibly.

Explanation: The King of Cups is an honest and just ruler, knowledgeable in business, law and theology. His calm exterior hides an emotional character. He is responsible for his actions. Pulling out this card means that you too have reached the level of emotional maturity and stability and act reasonably, rather than impulsively, thus, you are ready to muffle your emotions to help others.

Main meanings: Emotional and creative discipline. A mature, strong, calm, creative approach combined with practical efforts brings success and rewards. A time to trust your instincts – don’t give up.
Characteristics – Strong, sensitive, patient, creative and deep. Emotionally controlled and spiritually aware. Knows his strengths and weaknesses and he treasures being close to his partner emotionally. Bases decisions on gut feelings or intuition and often works on hunches. Considers the needs of others as well as his own needs. Career and interests – Working in and around water, writing, painting, music, acting, counselling, psychology, architecture and study of religion or philosophy.

The meaning of the inverted card: You may be involved in some kind of scandal, deceit or blown form of dishonest or fraudulent behavior. There is a high probability that you can lose something significant.

The King of Cups personifies the male aspect of the elements of water, our desire to acquire a transcendental experience, to free ourselves from the fetters of consciousness and mystical union with the original, with the Cosmos (or take any other designation for what there is no word in our languages). He knows that these spheres are closed to rational knowledge, and that only those who have learned to rely on their intuition are ready to confide in the Cosmos and its currents can penetrate them. In addition, the King of Cups means the need to express your feelings, give vent to your intuition, translate the images of our subconscious into music, poems or other material form, including in the form of healing and psychotherapy. However, if this process of incarnation slips into dilettantism. Therefore, ignorance of the foundations of the matter or neglecting them, the King of Cups turns into a preacher of other people’s values, or even simply into a charlatan. This misunderstanding of the basic laws of being makes him a plaything of cosmic forces, and he sooner or later finds himself the victim of foreign intrigues.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The period when we feel that, apart from purely craft skills, we need a soul in our work. In practice, this is expressed in the fact that the given frames seem to be tight to us, we introduce our own ideas and break the templates – even if it is expressed only in that we begin to be sharpened about the task assigned. This card can also mean that we want to leave this job or change our occupation altogether, start doing what will give our abilities an opportunity to really manifest. This applies primarily to occupations related to art, healing and social rehabilitation.


In the field of consciousness, the King of Cups means, first of all, our conversion (return) to our inner world, work with our own subconscious. We kind of wake up, train extrasensory abilities and finally determine which place we occupy in the overall structure of the Cosmos. This card can also serve as an indication that we finally trusted our inner world and seriously engaged in analyzing our own dreams, ancient myths or images of the collective unconscious.

Personal Relationships

On a personal level, this is the time of the flowering of feelings, when we more than ever understand what drives, doubts and fears torment our partner, and how we can help him as the closest being in the world. Thus, the King of Cups most often means a favorable, “romantic” period of relations, when we are not shy to express our feelings and are ready to understand and accept the partner’s feelings, although sometimes it seems too sentimental.