King of PentaclesSound financial advice

The King of Pentacles sits on his throne amidst all signs of wealth and power. In his right hand, he holds a scepter, and in the left – a pentacle. His throne is adorned with the heads of bulls (or in some versions of the Tarot decks, the King’s throne is decorated with the images of Taurus), and his clothing is decorated with tassels of grape and grape leaves. Behind him are the turrets of his castle.

The man is satisfied and therefore, he is peaceful and happy. This card depicts a kind father, an intelligent leader, an excellent husband, who did not obtain his treasure all at once – he had to work hard and stay patient for a long time. This is not necessarily about the material wealth: you can accumulate knowledge. Now he is resting, but this does not mean that he is completely inactive: from under his mantle, embroidered with images of vines, we can see his steel armor, which is another symbol of his strength. He is always ready to stand up for what he owns.

In the direct position, it means practicality, perseverance, the ability to achieve one’s goal, to bring the matter to an end. What does it say about you? This card says that you are successful and reliable, but from time to time, you are so involved in business matters that your personal relationships suffer from this. Therefore, you have to learn how to balance between the needs of friends and family with your innate ability to successfully manage your business and financial ventures.

In an inverted position, it stands for pragmatism, prudence or stubbornness.

Explanation: In the modern context, we can describe the King of Pentacles as an industrial tycoon. He has considerable executive power, sanity and knowledge in mathematics. He is consistent and reliable, has extensive experience in financial matters, brave in difficult situations. If you pulled out this card, you have many of these qualities.

Main meanings: Slow, steady and practical steps bring success. Successful in a business sense.  Possible owns his own business and has worked his way up from the ground level or has done the same working for someone else.

Characteristics -Grounded, practical, cautious and hard-working. Reliable and conservative. Fulfils his commitments and takes his responsibilities seriously. Exceptionally wise with money. Has a stubborn streak and can be territorial. Loves home and the comforts thereof, food, music, animals, nature and material things. Can easily slip into a rut and become too conventional. When out of sorts food will usually calm him. Although sometimes unadventurous he is a stable and reliable partner. Prosperous and highly successful in a worldly sense. In regard to health this card can indicate tension stored in the neck and shoulders.

The meaning of the inverted card: You have become too mercantile, and also limited and too self-confident, which often makes you look stupid in the eyes of others. You can be bribed. You use your talents in an unethical manner.

The King of Pentacles personifies the male side of the elements of the earth. Thus, it embodies our desire to own property, to be confident in the future and in real values, to be in harmony with the surrounding reality. For him, his business is the main thing. Less he cares about the words, dreams or good intentions. This is our desire for the strength and reliability of being, for the opportunity to constantly turn to what is familiar. In this case, the King of Pentacles has a good sense of instinct, an instinct that allows to recognize what is real and what is not, what is the matter of doing it, and for which there is nothing to be taken, and what will be the result. In addition, he has a great sense of time. He understands that true values ​​”mature” slowly, and can wait. He is patient and does not recognize haste. In addition, he expresses our joy of life, love of entertainment and pleasures, and carnal sensuality but he also has a shady side: this unquenchable lust, burned haggling or imposing idleness.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card indicates, first of all, our desire for reliability and confidence in the future, for love for everything that is stable, and permanent. Labor, delivering joy, high skill, patience and the ability to bring things to the end, distinguishing many peasants, artisans or bankers. The King of Pentacles usually treats the finances right. Besides he is helped by his really outstanding scent for everything that can bring money. He will never miss his chance. On the other hand, he is able to accurately recognize deceivers and charlatans. He loves and knows how to work in a team.


This card shows that we decided to trust our sense of reality by abandoning the pursuit of high but unrealizable ideals. This is a period when, on the one hand, we are striving to create a clear and practical picture of the world, and on the other, to realize our desires and good intentions as fully as possible. The card of the King of Pentacles is a peasant cunning. It means that the work and its result are most important for us, and that we are ready to move in small steps (and even do it with pleasure) if we know that no other ways can bring us closer to the goal.

Personal Relationships

Here this card means persistence, strong friendship, reliability, fidelity and warmth, which are more precious to us than entertainment or novelty. It is in this area that the aspect of sensual joy inherent in this card is most clearly manifested. It speaks of our desire for a bright, sensual and lasting union in which we feel safe. In some cases, it may mean a desire to create a family. If there is no sense of security, the King of Pentacles can point to jealousy, ready to take dangerous forms.