King of SwordsAuthority and command

The King sits on his throne, looking at us judgingly. In his right hand, he has a raised sword. In the sky storm clouds gather, which makes several birds fly away, and, in the background, you can see cypresses.

This is a person who has gained authority. The sword in his hand is a weapon, not just a symbol. The King of Swords symbolizes all power: the power of the father, the superior, the judge, the policeman – there is a burden of responsibility on him and he is fully conscious of it.

The sky on this card is covered with rare cumulus clouds, that indicate a cold and windy weather. The weather is unfriendly, like the King of Swords himself: rarely anyone is looking for communication with him but this communication can not be avoided.

In Western literature, the king is compared to the clever Odysseus, who managed to lead his ship through all the trials and did not hesitate to resort to violence, deception and other unseemly means for this.

Explanation: The King of Swords has an obvious power. He is able to command but at the same time, he is cautious and somewhat suspicious of those who appear in front of him. Before taking a certain point of view, the king carefully thinks through all the available options. This card concerns evaluative judgments and legal advice. When you pull it out, you are reminded that if at the moment your intellectual and intuitive abilities are at the peak of what is possible, you need to continue to rely on their alliance to continue making sound decisions.

Main meanings: Clear thought and practical effort brings success. Committed to clearness of thought, honesty and a need to put knowledge into practice. Success indicated through having a clear, workable plan. Someone is giving you clear sound advice. If the Justice Card appears with the King of Swords in the layout can suggest legal procedures are taking place.

Characteristics – Mature man with a disciplined mind, good clear practical ideas. A good organizer, likely to be involved in management. Loves logic which leaves little room for emotions and dreams. His advice is worth seeking and he is attracted to law as a career. Careers – business, politics, law, architecture, engineering, medicine, teaching, communications, business consultancy and writing (non-fiction).

The meaning of the inverted card: Evil intentions are indicated. You may encounter someone who is malicious, or become entangled in a ruinous legal process; a decision is made against you that does not seem fair.

The King of Swords is a male manifestation of the elements of the air. This is the power of an acute, quick, subtle mind, expressed here as in its creative, multilateral and often unpredictable form, and in the form of cunning and ironic audacity. Such a mind is an excellent mean of cognition, understanding, analysis, logical reasoning and abstraction, mathematical and purely practical calculation, solution and all-round resolution of any problems. However, where it dominates with all the other abilities, its negative aspects are also manifested: the purely intellectualism, the coldness of the senses, the caustic and cynical criticism.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Flexibility, intelligence, communicativeness and the ability to negotiate with anyone. A highly professional, flexible and tactically competent approach to work. Eloquence, charm and ability to understand hints in communication with colleagues, bosses, partners and clients. However, this may be a warning against falling into such extremes as cold prudence or the desire to intimidate the person you speak to.


Here this card means the period of learning and mastering. We learn, accumulate information, conduct scientific and methodological work. At this time, we sharpen our minds to help us understand our problems, ourselves and the world around us. The main thing here is to strive for objectivity – we are looking for a formula, the idea that underlies everything. Just like in mathematics, the right result is not achieved through enthusiasm or cramming, but only through consistent logical reasoning, and we do not need emotions but rational analysis. Often, this affects the most intimate areas of our feelings or beliefs, which are now subjected to the most rigorous verification of logical consistency. However, the sharp sword of the intellect requires careful handling. Otherwise, the poison of doubt can easily destroy the most basic values, and instead of the desired clarity, we get only a pile of debris of our former feelings and beliefs, remaining to face it empty-handed.

Personal Relationships

This card also brings clarity into personal relationships, but this is often accompanied by alienation. Rational analysis helps to recognize wrong patterns of behavior and thus, to  achieve healing. And where we feel dependent or confronted with intricate, insoluble problems, the “operational intervention” of alienating reason can be painful, but yet healing and useful. In the same place, where he turns a living human being into an object of anatomical research, spiritual intercourse is replaced by empty intellectualism.