King of WandsLeadership

The card depicts a king, who sits on a majestic throne and surveys his kingdom. The symbols of Fire – salamanders and lions adorn the columns behind him, and one small salamander even sits at his feet, in his right hand he holds a wand.

A smart leader, a kind father of the family, a reliable partner. This is a man who has achieved much, who is able to soberly assess his capabilities and knows exactly what consequence will follow after one or another of his efforts. However the reached results do not satisfy him. He always wants more because the king is afraid that, without striving for the greater and greater outcome every time, he will lose what he already has. When a battle ends in his life, he immediately starts a new one.

In astrological terms, this is a person born under one of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and it symbolizes activity, quick reaction, pride, ambition; perhaps, the long-awaited news. However, it suggests you to learn to analyze and understand the views that are different from yours, try to overcome any manifestations of prejudice and cynicism and learn from your mistakes. It also asks you to stay open to the forces of spiritual inspiration that give you a natural sense of dynamism and passion.

Explanation: The king is a mature and respected ruler. He is equally passionate and generous. This card is associated with strong business acumen, wise reasonableness and financial prosperity, and thus, pulling out this card shows that you definitely have leadership qualities, you deserve the success that you have achieved in life.

Main meanings: Self discipline and perseverance bring success. By pacing yourself you will be assured of enough time and energy to pursue your goals. A true businessman who either owns his own business, which he is passionate about or works in a position of authority for somebody else.

Characteristics – Sound advice. Someone who has the ability to make their ideas work, self disciplined, strong willed, enthusiastic, energetic, confident, honest, warm, humorous, generous, positive and always willing to take on new challenges. Suited to a career in sales or any goal oriented position. More than likely runs his own business.

The meaning of the inverted card: In the relations with others, you are inclined to rigor and intolerance, as well as to a certain authoritativeness – you easily get involved in disputes, allow you to manifest your prejudices and, perhaps, feel uncomfortable when carrying out your business transactions.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here, this card represents the ability to act decisively, confidently and convincingly, indicating vigor and high motivation. It also points to the organizational talent, the desire for leadership and sufficient qualifications for this. And, of course, for a lot of activity, enthusiasm for work and constant readiness to take risks. The King of Wands is the driving force, the motor of the whole team. If, however, his sense of reality is weakened, it, unfortunately, pours out into a hurried fuss, into a sterile imitation of activity. Inability to count the time often turns out to be the weak point of the King of Wands. He devotes the shortest possible time to the implementation of his plans, which means that at times many of his good intentions remain only intentions.


This card means the maturation process associated with the expansion of our horizons in the search for wisdom. Often this is expressed in strengthening the willpower, moral principles and conviction in their views. For the King of Wands, life is a field of activity in which we sow the seeds of our ideas and invest our will and strength so that they give off sprouts and fruits. Often, it denotes the period when our value system or religious beliefs evolve so much that they begin to determine all our behavior without losing the shade of subjectivity that helps us to win the sympathy of others.

Personal Relationships

In this sphere, the King expresses warmth, generosity and sincere interest. The King of Wands is alive, the spirit of entrepreneurship, the desire to be generous, to bring joy to his partner, which makes the person happy. Thus, it shows that we are proud of our partnerships – or we are looking for a partner who would be a strong, worthy person.