Knight of CupsNew relationships

This card is often called “Lord of the Waves and Waters”. In the picture on this card, we can see a handsome knight in an armor, who is galloping on a horse and holding a cup in his hand. It seems that he is going on a crusade. In some decks of Tarot cards, looking at the Knight of Cups card, we can also see a crab and a peacock accompany the active, vivid qualities of the element Water.

This card depicts a loyal friend, a gentle lover, a diplomat in character. A person who deeply believes in something, perhaps, religious. This is the “Knight of the Holy Grail” – he ceased to care about the opinion of the public, he fulfills his high mission without looking back at the others, who may be judging him. He does not know whether the cup he holds in his hand is empty or full but he is ready to share everything he has, and gratefully accept the gifts of others.

One of the main meanings of the Knight of Cups is the ability to inspire others with what a person needs to fulfill his intent, or the presence of some hidden intention. In an inverted form, it can mean suggestibility, that is, in some way dependent on others’ intentions.

Tip: Do not forget to think through each step or decision you make! Do not rely only on what you see and do not judge by a cover! Do not concentrate on the outside characteristics and appearance of the offer too much, in order not to let yourself get distracted from its actual content.

Explanation: Pulling out this card means that you are going to go on a new mission or get some new offer. Perhaps you will fall in love. You feel confident enough emotionally to enter into a new relationship, but try to be convinced of the sincerity of these relationships. A knightly helmet with wings points to strong imaginative thinking, so that perhaps your new partner has skills in the creative arts.

Main meanings: An offer from someone. An invitation or opportunity may soon arise. A marriage proposal. A time to decide whether it is wise to act or to wait. Follow your heart in order to find fulfilment. Travel to or by water.
Characteristics – Soft-hearted, gentle, sincere, tender and caring. Enthusiastic while being soft and sensitive underneath.

The meaning of the inverted card: If you recently received an offer, check all the attendant circumstances, because this offer may be insincere. You are inclined to allow your imagination to be carried up together with you. Beware of half-truths.

The Knight of Cups means a kind, friendly atmosphere, a good mood and a wise smile. This is the time of meditation, a sense of harmony, romantic dreams and a willingness to fall in love. Wherever discord and conflict prevailed, this card announces reconciliation and peace. It’s just the hours of rest, the time when we give free rein to our imagination, we enjoy the beauty of life, we enjoy art, especially music.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Good climate in the team, the work is calm, without the help of hands, which makes us feel good, and the business is “playable”. When you change the work, the Knight of Cups shows that we intend to give preference to the creative, artistic side of our nature. Whether we really decide on such a change of work, we can judge only the entire layout as a whole. The Knight of Cups indicates mainly our attitude towards work, but practically nothing says about its content.


Here this card indicates that we are going on about our feelings, creating for ourselves an illusory picture of the world. Having experienced a whole series of pleasant sensations, we were filled with ecstasy and now we look at the world through rose-colored glasses. The card can also mean interest in the world of images, fairy tales, myths and dreams. However, in any case, our view remains superficial.

Personal Relationships

The main meaning of the Knight of Cups lies precisely in this sphere. Here it means a period of joy, love, affection, coziness, in a word – “spring”, the beginning of the partnership union. Or reconciliation, when partners begin to understand each other better, when they no longer need words.