Knight of PentaclesSlow, steady progress

In the picture, we see an armored knight whose helmet is decorated with a green branch. The knight is slowly riding on a sturdy horse; embracing the pentacle, he looks at it thoughtfully, and in the background, we can see a smooth hilly terrain.

This card represents a person who is in the middle of a difficult path, in the midst of a big undertaking. This can be, for example, a major financial transaction, scientific work or a work of art – but whatever it is, it means a lot for you, this activity has a high significance for your future and present life. Both the rider and the horse are tired. However, the road ahead is still long. The knight is not aggressive and generously helps all the people around him but, giving them what they need, he does not even take off the iron gloves from his hand.

This card stands for reliability, compulsion to fulfill promises, and sometimes just bare luck. The Knight of Pentacles says that you are able to achieve pretty much any goal that you set for the future but sometimes, on the path to your aims, you forget to accept the daily joys of life. This card encourages you to reawaken your sleeping, passionate self.

Explanation: This card shows not a passion, but endurance and consistency. The depicted knight is certainly reliable and trustworthy but he lacks imagination, and he barely moves. If you pulled out this card from the deck, you probably embody many of these qualities and move through life evenly, not swiftly.

Main meanings: Consolidating your plans and making moves to cement goals and prepared to put in the hard work to achieve goals. Travel on land.

Characteristics – Serious, planning, persistent, reliable. Quite often a person who works with his hands a Tradesman etc. He likes to plan and stick to his plans, working tirelessly toward his goal. Money and material things come first with him. Responsible, hardworking, independent. He would prefer to have his own business as he detests being told what to do by other people. Always prepared to put in hard work necessary to achieve a goal. Loves home life, stability and predictability and will endure a very difficult situation rather than change. He is sometimes seen by other people as a plodder. A good provider, hides his emotions but has a soft center. Conservative in tastes and careful with his reputation. If he is hindered in his progress towards his goal he will temporarily be upset but will get back on his horse and keep going to achieve the goal.

The meaning of the inverted card: Inertia, idleness, negligence and impatience; stagnation in business and finance.

The Knight of Pentacles personifies the state of mind, characterized by diligence, patience and perseverance, in which things are needed and useful. It symbolizes something solid, permanent, the soil or foundation on which we can build our future. This is a real expression of the elements of the earth and their materiality that gives us confidence, helps to look at things from a practical point of view and allows us to achieve real results. It, however, also means a very definite boundary of the ability of our sensory perception. Where we go beyond this border, the positive qualities of the Knight of Pentacles are distorted or even sometimes turn into their opposite, turning into stubbornness, stagnation, thick-skinned laziness and sensual excesses.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this sphere, the Knight of Pentacles means a healthy working atmosphere, a spirit of diligence and reliability, thanks to which the business goes well, and the plans are successfully implemented. This is a flair for profitable deals, for good partners, and the desire (and skill) to work clearly and productively. The card can also mean that ahead of us is a favorable period during which we will be able to realize our abilities and earn the respect of others through the ability to distinguish the possible from the impossible, valuable from the insignificant. If one asks about the upcoming examinations, negotiations or some kind of project, the Knight of Pentacles presages a solid and lasting result.


At the level of consciousness, this card shows that we are mastering the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal, and we also find ways and means to realize our ideas and potential. This may mean a “policy of small steps”, in which the nearest, albeit small, result is valued higher than distant, though great goals. In addition, the card shows that we will have to deal with purely material issues and analyze our plan in terms of costs and self-financing. There are, albeit rare, cases when this card warns against excessive stubbornness, brutality or greed.

Personal Relationships

Consistency, reliability, duration, fidelity – and, not least, tenderness. A strong alliance or perspective of such an alliance, if we do not have a partner yet. In a union characterized by the Knight of Pentacles, trust and loyalty play a more important role than the search for novelty, and the notion of “we are together” is more important than finding a contact with friends or taking care of personal freedom and independence.