Knight of SwordsRapid comings and goings

A rider in armor, with a raised sword, rushes to fight an invisible enemy. There is a storm around him: pine trees bend, and scraps of clouds fly across the sky. It’s a fighter, a rebel, a crusader – he does not know indulgence, attacks first and is not afraid to die (his moto is “to win or to die”).

The card symbolizes, as a rule, a young man who is at the beginning of his career: he wants to show himself from the most beneficial side and prove all the others what he is capable of doing. On a personal level, it can be a person who does not know how to adapt to a partner and who prefers to go on exacerbating the relationship.

Often this is a “chess player”, treating any situation only as an opportunity to outplay an opponent, or even better. But, alas, in the role of “enemy” may belong to a loved one.

Nevertheless, in a direct position, this card always indicates a high intellectual potential, which can be used for “peaceful” purposes.

This is the time to recognize and confront the destructive aspects of your personal life and your relationships – the card tells you to be a bit more patient and wait a little longer before moving on.

Explanation: As a rule, this card is interpreted in the following way – you are clever and intelligent, but also prone to impetuosity and perseverance. In this case, you are trying to find yourself in a new, unknown situation. Obviously, you are too confident of success, raised your visor and do not expect strong resistance. As a rule, this card denotes bravery, protection, anger, enmity and war.

Main meanings: A combination of thought and action in order to bring about the desired result. In answer to a question suggests that sudden action is called for. This card usually represents a quick minded young person who is unpredictable and impatient. Can be a person who comes into your life and leaves it again within a short time. Travel by air.
Characteristics – Hasty in thought, word and deed. Quick minded, restless and impatient. Initiates action with no thought as to how it will finish. Prefers action to planning or reflection. Doesn’t like repetition and desires movement and change. Quick thought without much discipline.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are a troublemaker and ready to start a fight. You are secretive and do not divulge your plans but you should keep in mind that there is a person you need to avoid because he or can make some large obstacles on your path and even make you panic or worry too much about the problems that arise.

The Knight of Swords always stays for something cold, pungent, insidious, bearing contention and controversy, capable of poisoning even those spheres of life that have until now served you as a safe, comfortable hideaway. The cold that he symbolizes can, of course, disperse the fog and bring to the light of God everything that was still unclear. However, most often in this card, the elements of air show us their negative side. It means a cold of alienation, sharp discussions, harsh and daring conclusions, an evil tongue and acrid irony. Therefore, the Knight of Swords often portends a quarrel, a rupture of relations, a furious controversy and carefully planned meanness.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here it often means cooling relations between colleagues, increasing discord and dislike. This is a period of tension, when we become too picky towards others or, on the contrary, we ourselves are criticized by the others. Sometimes, such tension is resolved through a cleansing, conflict-resolving dispute. But more often the wounds inflicted and received by us are deep and do not heal for a long time. This card represents a “frost”, from which bursts the most solid foundation. This can mean the collapse of projects, plans and other business ventures and, at the same time, the cooperation that promised to be very fruitful is terminated. In a more “soft” version, this card may mean that you are going to lose your enthusiasm and motivation, which will be replaced by healthy skepticism and sober (self) criticism.


The Knight of Swords means a noticeable cooling in relation to previous hobbies, increased criticism, or perhaps self-criticism. We finally managed to look at ourselves or the surrounding “from the outside,” and this caused us irritation and an increased tendency to conflict, which was completely unexpected for us. We are full of doubts, and we begin to treat those values ​​that previously were dearest to us with mockery and disdain. Here, these “frosts” can also mean enlightenment, a sober reassessment of our old, too hastily assimilated or simply “fashionable” ideas.

Personal Relationships

In the sphere of personal relations, this card often shows us its most painful side. Here it means not only the sudden cooling of the old warm feelings, but also the transformation of them into its opposite – anger, hatred or mockery. It shows that even deep feelings can fall prey to scornful remarks and caustic wit, when a person, seriously considering himself “fair” and “objective”, pulls these feelings out of their secluded corner into the light of God, and they fight.