Knight of WandsA change is in the air

Here we see a young knight on a horse. He looks impressive in his shiny armor and helmet with feathers. His robe is adorned with salamanders – the natural spirits associated with Fire – and his title sounds like Lord of Flame and Lightning. In his right hand, he holds a wand. Behind him, there are three mountain peaks.

We see a man who is ready to act. He knows that he will have to endure fierce competition and he is ready for it. However, he has no intention of harming others – he only wants to establish himself. Talking about real people, this card can represent a cowboy, an athlete, an energetic entrepreneur. His horse is ready to rush forward. It’s enough for the rider to release the reins. In astrological terms this map means a person born in the spring (Aries, Taurus, Gemini). It symbolizes a romantic person, who is ready to take risks for the noble cause and it advises toy to act without any hesitation.

Explanation: This figure embodies energy and dynamism – power, pressure and determination to achieve the desired but the Knight of Wands is an impulsive nature, and often he is too zealously moving forward, pursuing his goals. In terms of romantic connections, this card can signal the beginning of sexual relations, in which there are no obligations. However, in a broader sense, this card can say that sudden changes are just around the corner and that this period can be the beginning or the end of something significant.

Main meanings: Change, movement, a need for challenge, a love of travel, learning and teaching. If the Temperance card falls in the same spread can suggest study or a teaching career.  Can indicate a move to a new home and in a career question travel related to a new job. Travel is also very strongly indicated if the Ace, 3, or 8 of Wands appears in the same reading. If the question is about relationships can indicate a relationship formed while travelling.

Characteristics -Describes a man or a woman of a fiery nature. Enthusiastic, positive and eager for action. Prefers honesty and tactfulness, so communication would be straight forward. If the inquirer is an older person they may be feeling young.

The meaning of the inverted card: Your work is interrupted. You get in the way or are distressed by some insignificant obstacles – the situation is controlled by prejudice and suspicion, your friend or lover is jealous of you.

The Knight of Wands symbolizes the warmth and even heat of the soul, manifested in a thirst for life, passion and enthusiasm, but sometimes turning into impatience, increased excitability, impulsiveness and a tendency to exaggerations. Therefore, a lot depends on what area of ​​our life the question belongs to, because the answer can mean both warmth and scorching heat. Impatience, expressed by this card, means: I want everything and whenever possible all at once. If you do not get it right away, or do not get everything, you get irritated or even become aggressive. However, the internal energy inherent in the Knight of Wands, in any case, sets in motion all layers of life, melts long-term ice and brings a fresh stream to long-usual situations.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


We are impatient, our forces require an exit, and it is very difficult for us to accept the idea that nothing is given at once, that it is necessary to wait for a while. This may mean that the problem or the task itself make us very excites, which is why we strive to start it immediately, and when we are forced to wait, our desire “burns out,” and then even the slightest obstacle discourages us from any desire to work further. In some other situations, the Knight of Wands can mean tough competition or clash of interests within the team.


Here the Knight of Wands means that we are in a phase of self-affirmation, defending our beliefs, fighting for ideals, not taking too much care of their practical value or hoping to entrust their execution to others. On the other hand, the enthusiasm that we are showing, infect others, and they begin to help us, which, of course, stimulates the work of the whole team. However, in cases where decisions need to be made on which the future of the team and all its members depend, excessive emotionality and haste can lead to errors.

Personal Relationships

The flame of love and passion or, conversely, a fierce confrontation. Both can easily lead to extremes. However, where these powerful energies can be combined to carry out a common cause, they bring excellent results that you alone could never achieve.