Nine of CupsThe wish card

This is a holiday card. A happy, smiling man sits at a table on which nine cups are arranged. He has just completed a difficult job, achieved recognition, success and profit – or perhaps recovered from a serious illness. Anyway, now all the suffering and worries that he has recently faced are behind, in his life begins a new, bright period, and he waits for friends to share this joy with them.

It is a man who finally reached his goal. As a rule, this card means individual success – the defense of a dissertation, the completion of some other big and important task. And even in an inverted form, it means that success is not far off, but it will only take a little longer to wait.

Explanation: Often, this card personifies material success, prosperity, as well as emotional and intellectual satisfaction. In addition, it symbolizes physical health and love for sensual pleasures. Your desires will come true. Pulling out this card means that you have several specific plans for the future and you can confidently go ahead to their implementation. However, the crossed arms of the sedentary figure remind us that we should avoid becoming too proud of our achievements or complacent, but explore the opportunities provided to us by the future.

Main meanings: Your wish will come true.  Foretells happiness, contentment and peace. You are feeling happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life.  Very pleased with yourself. Favorable for business.  Possibly a marriage to someone older. You are using what you have learnt in life wisely. Experience life as a celebration.

The meaning of the inverted card: The abuse of food and beverages. At the moment, your wishes will not come true. You can not suffer from any failure or some kind of deprivation, such as lack of money or change in your material wealth, although this situation is unlikely to last long.

The Nine of Cups represents a period when we experience genuine joy and happiness. However, such a period can turn into excesses, the desire to “eat more than you can digest,” but on the whole, the value of this card is positive: pleasant events, carefree, cheerful company, and everything else that can make you happy and full of joy.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


During this period, work is fun and it’s getting better than ever. A great role is also played by the friendly, good, and reliable team. Soulfulness and good mood help to forget about the difficulties and conflicts of the past. However, do not forget about the measure, otherwise, the soldered team will turn into a spoiled, and work – into a hack.


A period when our worldview turns to pleasure. In its most vivid manifestations, this is the hedonist, whose main principle is: “Live and rejoice,” or an Epicurean, a lover of sensual pleasures. In moderate forms, this is a good sense of humor, a period of pure joy of being, when we have time and desire to enjoy the beauty of the world, to enjoy life and to remember with pleasure every day.

Personal Relationships

At this level, the card represents a period of happiness and enjoyment. Fantasies, previously realized only in dreams or on a short vacation, become everyday reality. However, even here the Nine of Cups warns us against excesses that can turn the joy of life into a pursuit of pleasure or the stupid digestion of already annoying pleasures.