Nine of PentaclesSelf-reliance

The image on the card shows an elegant, graceful, and beautifully dressed woman. The woman or, in some variations of the Tarot decks, a man is standing in the garden, which is a part of his or her property, which shows how rich this person is. On the one hand, a woman is wearing a glove and a falcon is sitting on it, and the nine pentacles are scattered among the bunches of grapes (or in some variations they are on the tree).

This woman is rich and noble. She has achieved everything she wanted and is left alone. However, the woman is all by herself not because she lost his family and friends, it is more because her spiritual wealth is also great, and she is always ready to help people. However, on the path of her personal spiritual development, she left them so far away that now they almost do not understand her. She chose this path herself. However, now she asks herself if the choice was right but there is no turning back.

In practice, this card symbolizes the successful completion of some long and difficult work but this did not make a person happy, so the card advises you to think carefully before undertaking the implementation of your plan. Or it can recommend to ask for advice of a wise person, whose experience and knowledge are widely known, and whom you trust. It also means that you have reached a peak in terms of material success and self-confidence. However, you still need to continue developing emotionally and spiritually.

In an inverted form, it indicates only the material result. The other sides of your success are quite doubtful, they do not make you happy. An inverted card, on the contrary, advises you not to seek help of a wise person like in the straight position because the experience and knowledge of this person are greatly exaggerated.

Explanation: Pulling out this card means that you have achieved financial success and satisfaction through personal achievements. You feel quite confident in your company and enjoy the delights of life. However, your independence and self-confidence can make you somewhat detached and selfish, so you should improve your relationships with others.

Main meanings: Contentment, happiness, safety and security. Everything is going great and according to plans. Enjoying the good things in life. You are now reaping the rewards of hard work. The home and work fronts are going well. Can represent a retired person. Possibly indicate pregnancy if it appears with the Empress in the same spread.

The meaning of the inverted card: Possible loss of friends or own house. Difficulties with the law. This is the time to review (reassess) your goals and personal desires.

The Nine of Pentacles in the old days were considered a card of financial success, winnings, large and often unexpected profits. Thus, it means a turn for the better, luck and situations, about which people say: “happiness has come down.” Along with this, undoubtedly, the favorable value of external luck, it also promises a tangible change of personality (for the better).

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this regard, the card portends a successful business and, perhaps, a very good profit. It can also mean a fairly prestigious and highly paid position, or that a resume submitted to the employment service will have a stunning success, or that we will pass the exam perfectly, which could not be expected. Summing up the aforesaid, it can be noted that the card confirms our high professional level, the feeling of creative growth and satisfaction from our work.


Sudden opening of internal, and, possibly, external wealth. Something suddenly happens in our daily life, an unexpected meeting with someone occurs, after which, to our own surprise, we discover in ourselves abilities that we did not know before, new opportunities for growth and disclosure of the personality. The card can also indicate a transition to a new stage of consciousness, when we not only hope that we have some inner wealth, but we are already fully aware of it.

Personal Relationships

We were “blessed with happiness”, which in everyday life means finding a true partner in life, an impressive meeting and other non-trivial events. However, this does not necessarily mean new acquaintances. In a time-tested union, this is a new, bright band of life, when partners open their spiritual wealth to each other, as happens, for example, during a carefree vacation, away from all worries.