Nine of SwordsNightmares

On this card, we see a woman, who sits in bed covering her face with her hands. In the dark space behind her, nine swords are floating in the air – life has become a nightmare, this card says. The whole world is rolling into the abyss. Your fears and worries are so great that, it seems that it is no longer worth living.

However, this nightmare is only a woman’s illusion: none of the swords touches the figure depicted on the card, which means that your fears and worries are understandable but they do not directly affect you. You think too much about the problems that do not directly affect you. Meanwhile, you also have things that require attention. Do not worry, this card says, do not worry about the things that appear such big problems to you, whatever they are, all you need is just to get busy, distract from the problems, and your condition will stabilize.

This card is similar to the Ten of Swords in the sense that it prefigures the close end of the dark period in your life. However, the Nine indicates rather a bad mood and pessimism as “residual phenomena” from already past or generally imaginary problems, rather than the real problems themselves.

In an inverted position, it means that the bad period in your life is not going to end as soon as you would like but it won’t last too long anyway.

Explanation: This card represents suffering, cruel doubts and absolute hopelessness. Although in the first place, it is associated with the loss of a lover as a result of his injury or illness, it can also indicate separation in a broader sense. In addition, the card can mean that you are taking on other people’s problems, regardless of whether you can solve them or not. Pulling out this card, you may feel a sense of shame, which must be recognized and overcome.

Main meanings: The worry card. Can indicate anxiety, sadness and sleeplessness. You may be experiencing strong dreams or nightmares, listen to them as your subconscious is trying to tell you something.  It would be wise to ground yourself by getting close to nature, spend some time in the countryside or near the sea. Look at the surrounding cards to see what the worry is about. Worries are always worse in the night.

The meaning of the inverted card: You have received good news regarding your lover; the future promises hope and comfort.

This image of sleepless nights corresponds to a state of deep concern and depression. There may be an unclean conscience that does not allow to fall asleep, or a feeling of some kind of danger to life, for example, illness or a heavy loss. The card depicts night terrors when we lie awake, tormented by our thoughts, and wait for dawn. At the same time, it does not tell us what exactly oppresses us: a feeling of guilt or shame that drives the dream away, a feeling of insecurity in our own strength before a difficult test or some real danger threatening our life. It shows only our despair, longing, concern, a sudden nightmare awakening, a sleepless night.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


A dull, pessimistic attitude due to the fact that work, boss or atmosphere in the team depress us. This may be the fear of not coping with the task received, fatigue due to increased workload, a feeling of increased risk or jitters before the exam, public speaking, etc. Or an unclean conscience that prevents us from sleeping, because we have made a mistake somewhere, negligence and now we are afraid that it will be discovered.


Our horizon is clouded. We have lost our clarity of sight due to fear, concern or guilt. These feelings may be justified or not, but they still interfere with our consciousness, they knock us down the pillar and deprive us of our confidence or, perhaps, we made for ourselves some unpleasant discovery and now we are afraid of the consequences.

Personal Relationships

Fear of being abandoned, pain of separation. Depressed mood due to loneliness or the fear of losing your beloved partner, plunges us into the abyss of mental anguish and doubt. It can also be our fears about relatives – both justified and unjustified. Sometimes it is a shame because the partner suddenly found out something about us that could make us look worse in his eyes.