Nine of WandsBe prepared

The card depicts a man who stands facing us. This is a man with a bandaged head and he is holding a wand in his hand, clinging tightly to it, as if he was guarding his territory. A bandage on the head of the man shows that he had earlier participated in some kind of conflicts and now should be ready to defend his beliefs again. Eight other wands behind him form a barrier or palisade. The man looks confused – he just had to endure a difficult fight and everything seems to be over but the man still thinks that his enemies and the danger they bring are still next to him. However, he does not know or does not want to seek the possible ways of communication that would allow him to avoid further conflicts and in vain, you can stop defending yourself and stop expecting an attack, then everything will be okay.

In the “Egyptian Tarot” nine wands form three triangles, the prototype of the Gurdjieff enneagram as a symbol of a harmonious human personality.

This card indicates that it is the time to do peaceful things. It also requires to work on yourself, to devote your strength and time to spiritual development. It suggests drawing strength from your past grievances – from past emotional difficulties and hostile criticism. You will become even more inventive if you learn to cope with adversity. Trust the reserves of your strength and character, for this will help you cope with difficulties.

Explanation: You are ready to defend your current situation and you will probably have success – but not without further struggle. Stick to your beliefs and rely on your discernment. However, at the same time avoid stubbornness. In terms of personal relationships, this card suggests that you may carry past wounds with you – previous grievances that have come from your parents, or some kind of emotional attacks, with experience you have acquired a certain wisdom, and it will help you.

Main meanings: Time of reassessment, and like a tree to prune back the dead branches, those things that you no longer need in your life. A feeling of caution in regard to relationships.  A need to release past hurts from previous relationships. Weigh up your commitment to your present relationship. Keep an eye out for things going on behind your back. Courage & determination to succeed.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are ineffective, unprepared, and vulnerable. You refuse to defend a just cause and bend in the face of danger.

The Nine of Wands symbolizes stubbornness, resistance to any situation or event, from which we expect only trouble. At the same time, it says that there is no threat. In the everyday life, this means that we resist any changes, although we guess that they can be very important for our further development. Although sometimes it can mean something quite the opposite – if we, for example, took a decisive step and closed all the doors that could lead to a retreat. In this case, this card has a positive value, but it points to one mistake we made: we shamefully fled from responsibility for our past for fear that it can overtake us. In order to free himself from it, we must finally let go of our past, turn it into the foundation of our further transformations, instead of feeling like a hostage to it.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card means that we subconsciously resist the innovations, changes or other movements that are brewing in our workplace. It can show that we feel a threat to ourselves from our bosses, colleagues or business partners, and this is also due to the fact that our work causes us to fear. We are too much hampered by memories of past defeats and troubles. We are transferring them to our present situation, although in fact we have enough strength to overcome them. Thus, this card offers us to overcome fear and not only overcome the obstacles that we face, but also get rid of old fears along the way.


At the level of consciousness, the Nine of Wands shows that we are completely in vain occupying a defensive position with respect to things that are new and unexpected for us. It is the image of a person who sometimes does not recognize that he can make mistakes, always striving to “improve” what he has just brought to the end.

Personal Relationships

Here it shows that we are afraid that we will be offended or hurt by old wounds. We carry a “shell” protecting our inner “I” from the outside world. And we pay for it by the fact that we are not reached by the impulses that could be useful for us. The Nine of Wands warns that this can lead to complete self-isolation and bitterness, because our “I” is rotting without communication but at the same time, it makes us happy, saying that the outside world, which we are so afraid of, does not hold any more dangers for us.