Page of CupsBirth of new emotions

In the picture we see a page standing on the ocean shore, who holds a cup with a fish that he previously caught with its help. The page looks happy and relaxed. In the distance, we also can see gently swaying waves.

He is an actor by vocation, and often by profession. He always feels like as if he was performing on a stage. A poet, eager for the recognition of the public, a charming swindler, generally a man with a rich imagination. However, there is a danger that he will remain a dilettante in all his field, not knowing how to focus on one thing. He will have to endure many trials before he learns to correctly assess himself.

In the direct position, this card means the possibility of settling any conflict, reconciliation and in an inverted position, it also stands for reconciliation, but a short-lived one.

Explanation: The element of Water is often associated with thoughts, dreams and emotions. Here a new idea is born or takes shape, personified by a fish, this is the birth of something special, something, maybe unusual, but very significant to us. Traditionally, this card is associated with good news, the birth of a child or the start of an exciting new project.

Main meanings: Thinking about feelings. Birth of new ideas, feelings and attitudes. Love of a young person. Renewed trust.  The offer of a new relationship or business partnership. An opportunity for emotional fulfilment in regard to career suggesting working doing something that you love. Creative work. Psychic or spiritual development is likely to occur. Offer of a new relationship or the deepening of an existing one. Positive indication of a reunion with a friend or partner.

The meaning of the inverted card: If you see an inverted card, it can mean that currently you lack the imagination and you become too selfish in all spheres of your life and activities. Now your creativity has left you. Therefore, if you are an artistic person, this could mean that you need to take a rest, recover, and to find inspiration again.

Just like the three other Pages, the Page of Cups personifies an impulse, a push, a chance – a unique opportunity that we are about to face in our life. In this case, it may be an invitation to participate in a pleasant affair or a gesture of love and reconciliation. Anyway, this is an initiative coming from others, which appeals to our feelings, and we accept it with joy and gratitude. Besides, the Page of Cups embodies the beginning of the world after a quarrel or conflict, sympathy shown to us in a difficult time, and sometimes someone’s emotional impulse, which may result in true and deep love. This impulse, as a rule, is pure and sincere – there is nothing you should worry about when you receive it, and only if other cards tell you the opposite, it should be treated with caution.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this sphere of our life, the Page of Cups promises us something new, and this new thing will not only be useful, but also pleasant, and perhaps flattering. It can be a reward, a recognition, well-deserved praise or some good news on the work, confirming the high appreciation of our abilities. Or an invitation to a friendly party in a narrow circle, or, for example, the proposal of a senior and respected comrade to go get to know each other better. Sometimes, this card can also stand for a kind advice or friendly help, thanks to which we will be able to cope with our task much better.


We receive friendly impulses and ideas that help us better understand the situation. It can be a comfort or support in a difficult time, sympathy for our troubles and problems, or spontaneous gestures, awakening in us deep feelings and a thirst for new development. Cups symbolize the elements of water, which can also indicate wise advice or a message that has come to us in the process of meditation or other appeal to the higher powers.

Personal Relationships

Friendly, conciliatory gesture from the partner. A fresh wind after a period of quarrels and conflicts or simply the attraction of one soul to another. At the event level, the Page of Cups my mean that soon you can get engaged. However, it can also mean a start of a new relationship if you are currently alone. A sudden and unexpected attention received from someone you already know or a stranger can result in love and strong and sincere relationships