Page of PentaclesStudiousness

Here we can see a young man who stands in the middle of a flower field and holds a pentacle in his outstretched arms. He gazes intently at this pentacle, which seems to almost float in the air.

It is a picture of a young man who knows the world and does not cease to marvel at his beauty; a student, who is likely to be gifted with artistic ability. Over time, he will become a real master in his field. However, so far it seems to him that it is possible to preserve and multiply the beauty of the world, without marching hands with black work – instead, he refuses from such work, offering the others to take care of such matters, but eventually, a young man is going to realize that he has made a mistake and took the wrong approach.

In  the Tarot layout the Page of Pentacle symbolizes a chance, the opportunity to acquire knowledge, that in an everyday life, usually stands for entering a particular educational institution, performing successfully at an exam, or maintain an excellent academic performance at school.

What advice to follow? Perhaps now you are so focused on pursuing your goals that you become insensitive to the needs of others. Look to the future, which is not only positive for you, but also goes beyond your personal horizons.

If you see an inverted card, this can mean the opposite. Chances are that you have missed your chance and are learning on your own mistakes.

Explanation: The Page of Pentacles represents diligence and care, as well as study and scholarship. If you pull out this card, you can expect good news, which is likely to have a significant impact on your daily life. In addition, you can feel the change for the better thanks to the efforts of someone who worries about you or to meet a person who is kind and sympathetic to your point of view. Usually, this card shows openness to new ideas and a kind, caring character.

Main meanings: News about money, new job or course of study. Thinking about and planning things around money and possessions. If starting a new project than serious commitment and careful planning is required to succeed. Steadily work towards goal. Acquiring new skills when starting a new job or project. A young person who is practical, serious and steady, enjoys nature, the outdoors and animals. Often they are old before they are young. Suggests giving extra time to taking care of your body. Any new projects should be nurtured with care and gentleness. A desire for learning and study indicated. Shows a strong commitment to a relationship. Could also indicate a relationship that would be beneficial materially to both parties.

The meaning of the inverted card: You will receive adverse news. You have become undisciplined and capricious, besides, you are surrounded by people whose views are completely different from yours.

The Page of Pentacles means a chance, some impetus to action. Since the pentacles denote the elements of the earth, this card can symbolize some concrete, quite practical proposal. The earth elements stand for strength, stability, and therefore, the proposal will most likely be true and reliable. At the same time, depending on the question asked, it can be a profitable transaction, a new perspective work, just a life experience or an unexpected but very favorable exit from the situation that has arisen. This card always points to something material, lasting, whatever the chances and variants it offers.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


New appointment, task, plan, in the implementation of which will be rendered tangible assistance. This card represents an opportunity to find a good job, move to a new position or make a good deal.


A chance to get concrete, tangible results of your work. All the questions, doubts and problems that have tormented us for a long time are suddenly explained by this push from the outside. Plans are becoming final, projects are being implemented. Ideas, formerly only fantasies, are put into practice.

Personal Relationships

In terms of personal relationships, this card also expresses the opportunity to acquire a concrete, useful experience. The spectrum of this experience extends from new sensory sensations to the possibility of creating a lasting and strong alliance. At the same time, the Page of Pentacles can signify a decisive step that we must do to move from falling in love to a real union. In the already existing alliance, it points out the possibility of successfully resolving problems and disputes that may have accumulated over the years, and the transition of your relations to a new level.