Page of SwordsQuick thinking

A young man with a sword in his hand is indecisive, he keeps his sword, like a toy. In the sky clouds are piling up, birds are rushing away.

This card depicts a boy, who is young and thus, still quite carefree because he has not yet faced all the problem that the life can contain but he already realizes that his life won’t be simple, he is frightened by the need to make his own decisions. However, this fear will disappear – it is only important that he does not remain in this position forever, accustomed to shift responsibility to others. He has to learn to be all by himself, taking control over things, making his own decisions, and taking a full responsibility for everything he does or says.

Tip: After going through a period of doubt and self-esteem, now you are ready to act. This card says that you are ready to part with past illusions, get rid of glamor and can start everything from scratch.

Explanation: This card stands for authority and vigilance. You are ready for what will happen in the future, and this confidence and self-confidence are based on your personal experience. Perhaps you are going through a troubled, uneven period in your personal relationships, which will require some determination from you, but everything will end well, because the conflicts in which you participated end. You should not make excuses. Do not delay fulfilling your plans. This is the time to go forward.

Main meanings: Could be news about whatever your question relates to. Represents a young person with an active mind, easily given to inspiration, but not very practical with their ideas. Feeling of being up in the clouds, you need to come back to reality before deciding if your ideas are workable. Dreaming about what you want in a relationship, but doing nothing about making the dream a reality. Approaching life through thought, without regard to what you feel. Disruptive situation due to gossip.

The meaning of the inverted card: Ahead you will have to face something unexpected – perhaps you will get some unpleasant, in your opinion, news that will violate your plans for the future.

The Page of Swords, just like the Pages of other suits, personifies a chance or opportunity that opens up to us, an external driving impulse. The Page of the suit of swords, therefore, often means clarification of the situation, a certain fresh stream, thanks to which the true meaning of what is happening suddenly opens to us, and even the most complicated case becomes simple and understandable. Most often it however, occurs through a conflict, scandal or a harsh conversation, to which the Page of Swords can also point. Therefore, it should be taken as a warning to prepare for an imminent fight or not to delay it, so that the conflict finally serves to clarify the essence of the matter.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In connection with the work, we will have to prepare for conflicts, disassembly, tensions, perhaps, to a sharp polemic within the team. This card can mean a reprimand from the authorities (unfair), and the emergence of competition between colleagues, or disagreement with a business partner. Or a sense of danger in connection with a risky task. Therefore, it can also mean the beginning of the end of our current activity, although it may be a kind of “fresh stream”, even if it is a hurricane that will refresh the atmosphere in your workspace and bring clarity to the situation that has arisen.


We can get involved in controversy, polemics, fierce discussions that will strongly shake our former beliefs and views, in short – we will be criticized. Whether this will be a cruel blow to us or a useful lesson, an occasion to reconsider our views, depends on our willingness to learn from our mistakes. But you can find out only by checking other cards.

Personal Relationships

In this field, the Page of Swords means the conflict initiated by your partner, or the aggravation of long-standing differences threatening to destroy your union. This can be expressed in the sudden cooling of feelings between the partners, who recently loved each other so much, but faced different issues in a stream of reproaches, in frustration, accumulated for a long time, in the throwing out of old grievances or just some everyday trifles that reached a certain “critical” point. Clearly, such a surge of accumulated emotions can greatly aggravate the situation and even lead to a rupture. However, the Page of Swords can also mean the opportunity to reinforce the union through a cleansing conflict.