Page of WandsGod news or new opportunities

The page can be a child of any gender. The Page of Wands is a brilliant figure holding a wand in its hand and clad in a richly decorated jacket and mantle; here the wand is the symbol of royal power, and we feel that the Page is going to bring some important message.

It can be a child or a young man full of energy, a wonderful lover. Maybe a dancer, an actor, a lover of travel. It is inclined to self-admiration, so there is a danger of falling into narcissism – a person, who creates obstacles for himself, and he will have to overcome them, in order to finally assess himself correctly. In astrological terms it is a person born under one of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

This card indicates the situation of “challenge”, testing for addicting nature, testing for strength but it has a good meaning and the main thing is to show resilience in any activity you are engaged in.

Advice – pay attention to the messenger. Concentrate on new initiatives and remain open to help from other people; also, do not forget to bear your part of the responsibility for personal relationships.

Explanation: The Page of the Wands represents the person who was in the center of events, and feels a burning desire to achieve something great. He vigorously pursues his goals. This card is associated with talent, enthusiasm and courage. The page is a messenger, therefore, most likely, any relative or friend will bring you important or joyful news – thus, in the nearest future, you can wait for letters, email or phone call. Obviously, you are open to new ideas and suggestions coming from other people.

Main meanings: The act of starting a new project. You could be trying to master something new, maybe a new job or a new approach to a situation. If the reading is for an older person then they may be feeling young again. Could also indicate the birth of a child; good news on the way. A restless young person around you or entering your life. The beginning of or a new stage of a relationship. This relationship could well be filled with outdoor activities.

The meaning of the inverted card: Pulling out an inverted card of the Page of Wands When the Page of Wands – expect bad news. In addition, perhaps you will not be able to solve some future tasks and assume that your personal relationships will suffer because of inattention on your part.

Pages embody the opportunities that open up to us on the path of life. Wands are the elements of fire, and the chance opening here has the form of some fascinating idea or proposal, accepted by us with a delight. Usually, this is an opportunity to go beyond the usual sphere of interest, an invitation to an adventure that requires courage and a desire to risk a bright stroke against the backdrop of gray everyday life. It may have great outcome. For example, participation in a competition, sports competition, some other opportunity to test your strength, some unusual experiences.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


You will be offered something interesting, and you will be happy to accept this offer. A new task that gives the occasion to test your abilities, a new place or position, a trip (abroad) or something unusual, but very attractive. In any case, for you, it means growth and a possible increase. Even if the task is difficult, it’s worth it, because its fulfillment will bring you pure joy.


We are waiting for discoveries that expand our horizons. Some things that we did not pay attention to before, suddenly open up from an unexpected side, carry us to a new area that was not familiar or interesting to us before. It could be a book, a play, a concert, a lecture or a seminar, finally, just an interesting conversation with someone. The card can also mean the need to solve some purely domestic issues, in connection with which we will have new ideas.

Personal Relationships

In this respect, the Page of Wands often means that something very exciting awaits us in the nearest future. This can happen both within the framework of already established relationships that will become more interesting and richer, and through acquaintance with a new partner; it is possible that this will be an adventure that promises some new, unusual forms of relations.