Queen of CupsDeep feeling

In the picture, we see a beautiful woman – Queen of Water Thrones, who intuitively tries to determine the contents of a closed cup, the handles of which are made in the form of angels. The cup cover hides its contents, indicating that many of the creative impulses of the Queen are unconscious. Her throne is decorated with water nymphs and rests on a seashore covered with pebbles.

This is a woman whose expectations and hopes come true. She has not yet realized this, she is not sure of success, but her feelings overtake consciousness, and she feels harmony with the surrounding world, the fullness of being. She reveals the true meaning of the concepts of “love” and “happiness.”

In the direct position it can mean a brilliant intuition reaching to clairvoyance, hence the success of the conceived deed. In an inverted position, it is an illusion, wishful thinking.

Tip: Illumination comes from within, and it’s important to remain open to get inspiration from a deeper source. However, you should be shrewd so that you will not be distracted by unrealistic desires.

Explanation: The Queen is lost in her own dreams and relies more on her imagination than on common sense. Pulling out this card indicates that emotions currently play an important role in your life and, possibly, the degree of your personal relationships is very high. You are a loving, gentle person. Your experience is useful for others, and your opinion is appreciated. However, you often plunge into your thoughts.

Main meanings: Creative discipline brings success. Suggests listening to your heart and to your intuition before deciding upon a course of action.
Characteristics – Emotional, imaginative, strong psychic abilities. A charming woman and a good friend. She is matureĀ  with an intuitive and creative nature. Usually quite, supportive of people around her. Values emotional fulfilment above material success, and devotes great time and effort to her relationships, family and children. People often confide in her. Suitable career based in any of the following – counselling, psychology, social work, child care, writing, healing and any creative work.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are wayward, bitter and inclined to exaggerations. If you are called to help others, you will not be too reliable or sufficiently balanced.

The Queen of Cups, personifying the female aspect of the elements of water, means subtlety of feelings, empathy, imaginative thinking and readiness for self-sacrifice, symbolizes a healing, strengthening power, and a look inside herself. Thus, she controls the unconscious forces of the soul. She is a fairy and wise sorceress living within us, a prophetess, interpreting our dreams, clairvoyant, helping to find the way in the fog. It is sometimes called a “dark card”, because the origins of its wisdom are hidden, and it is not possible to learn them through rational thinking.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card means a period of rest, expectations, when we listen to ourselves to catch the further direction of professional development. Or the transformation of our talent into images in the profession: cinema, television, radio, writing, journalism, sometimes esoteric, occultism, quite often – art, mainly music.


Our consciousness is tuned to the perception of images of the subconscious, reflecting both our desires and forebodings, as well as our fears and nightmares. These images can be a source of inspiration, much needed in artistic creation. At a deeper level, the card may indicate that we are approaching the restoration of the integrity of our dark side.

Personal Relationships

A period of subtle, mysterious and sensual intimacy, complete mutual trust and attention to each other or an indication of our need for this, for need of a close person.