Queen of PentaclesPractical manager

On the picture, we see a dark-haired queen, who sits on her throne, gently holding the pentacle on her lap. Around here, there is a natural abundance. Above her we see a beautiful arch made of roses, a bunny at her feet who is eating the grass, and in the distance, we see a forested valley. The reverse side of the throne of the queen is decorated with a picture of the Cupid and fruit.

The Queen of Pentacles personifies external and internal wealth. It is an image of a person, who is finally obtaining the fruits of his labors: an artist who has achieved recognition, a scientist who made an important discovery, or a businessperson who is just about to make a good deal. If the card corresponds to a woman, then she is also a wonderful mother and mistress: for no wonder the Queen, depicted on the card, is surrounded by a flowering garden.

As a rule, it stands for some cheerful and favorable events – for example, it can be a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, and other pleasant events, while an inverted card predicts a rather sad event that is awaiting for you in the nearest future.

What else does it mean? This card indicates that you are always ready to serve others, but sometimes your help and devotion are taken for granted. It recommends you to choose the attitude. Pay attention to your needs and focus on your priorities.

Explanation: The Queen of Pentacles is a creative and intelligent woman who knows the world well. She is generous, caring, wise, and approaches creatively to family and commercial matters. Pulling this card out of the deck indicates that you have these positive qualities. If something unfavorable is associated with this card, then it is a tendency to indulge in melancholy and sadness, but since you are always ready to help others, your sadness is unlikely to last very long.

Main meanings: Practical application of thoughts and desires brings success and material security. Trust your abilities.

Characteristics – Good business sense. Will work hard, loves plants and animals, is steady, patient and generous. Enjoys preparing and eating good food, loves touching and being touched. She always likes to keep some money aside for peace of mind. Can be frugal. Reliable, down to earth person. Practical and supportive. A lover of nature. A career best suited to this person would be – working with plants or animals, floristry. chef, green keeper, business (either working for or running her own), environmentalist, geology, archaeology, or any career to do with the outdoors.

The meaning of the inverted card: You depend too much on other people, neglect your duties, are suspicious, and do not develop your creative abilities.

The Queen of Pentacles, personifying the female side of the elements of the earth, means sobriety, kindness, reliability, realism, diligence, fertility and fruitful work, soulfulness and sensual pleasures. She has a natural instinct and love for the land, which is most clearly manifested in the image of a peasant woman. In addition, she has an “easy hand” in relation to material values. It is also a caring mother of many children, a talented actress or artist, or just a sensual person, who gets real pleasure from the simplest joys of life. However, this also needs a measure, otherwise the above-mentioned positive qualities will turn into disappointment or inertia, laziness, and a thirst for pleasure.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Work that requires practical marking and skill, patience and perseverance, but at the same time has a creative character, which we perform not only successfully, but also with pleasure. The Queen of Pentacles means here our reliability and high qualification, ability to work and a tendency to a creative growth. Noisy success or rewards can not be expected, because the main thing in this work is its continuity and our ability to let everything go its own way.


In this sphere, this card points out that we are experiencing a period of “gestation” of another idea, designed to play an important role in our life. We are always open to the perception of the advice and ideas of others, but we always check them for feasibility and usefulness. Foggy daydreams or fashion concepts we are not carried away now, we are looking for something that has a practical and long-term meaning. At the same time, we do not “withdraw from the world”. We do not give up the joys of life.

Personal Relationships

Here, it stands for a period of spiritual warmth and cordiality, sensual pleasures and, in general, the joys of life. In addition, this card indicates loyalty, constancy and the pursuit of kindness and security. It can also mean a soon marriage.