Queen of SwordsIntelligent and solitary

In this picture, we see a woman in royal clothes, in a crown and with a sword in her hands. In some cases, her costume is complemented by various details of knightly armor: a shield, shoulder pads, armlets. The sky depicted on the card is covered with cumulus clouds rising at the horizon: cool, windless, with a chance of rain.

The woman depicted on this card is the Queen of Air. She surveys her land. The Queen looks stern and severe, as if she suppresses her sadness, but not condemning, the crown of the Queen and the foot of her throne are decorated with images of butterflies, which represent the Air.

This card symbolizes a woman who has taken a firm position in life. She is a wonderful wife and mother. She is loved and respected by her colleagues and, possibly, by social activities: she is cramped in her four walls, she seeks and finds an application for her abilities. True, she could achieve this only at the cost of hard work and overcoming many obstacles but now she has gained experience and knows how to use it.

In the direct position, it can mean clarification of any situation, as well as complete control over oneself, your reactions and actions, which in practice, usually means success of the conceived case. In an inverted position, it indicates an exaggerated desire to control everything, which leads to the loss of control over the situation, and thus, to losses and even deprivations.

Explanation: The Queen is perceptive and confident in her actions, in addition, she is a good adviser. Nevertheless, she was saddened, as if she had become a widow or had lost a child. Pulling this card means that you suppress your emotions and surrender to the power of your intellect, you have experienced some kind of grief or failure, but now you gradually transform this negative experience into something much more positive.

Main meanings: A time to reflect upon current situation and your past actions. Thinking clearly brings success. Looking closely at what is approaching may prevent you repeating difficult patterns. A time of withdrawal and thinking about yourself and your direction. Will observe a potential partner before committing herself.
Characteristics – Subtle sense of humor, rational, clear thinking, patient, quick minded, excellent organizer and a shrewd judge of human nature. Can tend towards being a perfectionist. Gives good advice based upon her own experiences. Loves to talk. Would suit careers in – administration, clerical & office work, business management, politics, medicine, law, science, publishing, editorial, proofreading.

The meaning of the inverted card: You tend to be deceptive in your actions, because you understand human nature well and use your abilities to harm people.

The Queen of Swords is a feminine manifestation of the elements of the air. It represents a mind, openness, independence, imagination and ingenuity. This is an expression of our ability to solve problems with the help of logic, to ascend to higher and higher levels of knowledge, without losing ourselves before the influx of ideas and doubts. Unlike the old idea of ​​the Sword Queen as an “evil woman”, at best a widow, now we see in her a woman who releases herself from dependence through the power of her mind. Only in some cases, the negative side of this card is revealed to us: it is most often a “snow queen”, behind the external appeal of which lies a cold calculation and an almost irresistible alienation.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here the Queen of Swords indicates a willingness to learn and perceive everything new, to a deliberate and accurate reaction and to intelligent, independent and flexible behavior in business negotiations. In addition, it shows that we value our freedom too much to sacrifice it for the sake of prestigious or highly paid job, and we will immediately leave if its conditions cease to satisfy us or we will be offered something better.


At the level of consciousness, this card first of all speaks of the richness of ideas, of creative curiosity and readiness to learning something new, but at the same time, it tells about the strength and clarity of the mind, allowing us to realize our dependence on anyone or whatever – and free ourselves. Thus, this card always points to an important process that indicates the awakening of consciousness and the beginning of a true knowledge of oneself.

Personal Relationships

In this area, the Queen of Swords also means our awareness of ourselves and the meaning of our relationship with another person. Most often this is expressed in an attempt to look at these relations as if from “outside” to understand them and formulate (at least for yourself) everything that does not suit us or bothers us. This is a period when we particularly need equality with a partner and, perhaps, we begin to speak more resolutely through the attainment of inner freedom. Anyway, the card shows that we will not tolerate certain things. And, in some cases, this protest takes the form of coldness, subtle or even caustic irony.