Queen of WandsCareer woman

On this card, we see a proud queen who sits on her throne. She is sustained and cold-minded, at the same time, she is accessible and popular – in her right hand, she holds a wand, and in her left hand, she holds a sunflower, which symbolizes its proximity to the world of Nature. On the armrests of her throne are engraved lions, reminding us of her connection with the astrological sign of Leo and in the foreground we see a black cat, which is a symbol of power and restraint.

She has proved her advantage over others. All the queen’s rivals are defeated. Now she can give herself a break. She is a generous, open soul, ready to share what it has, she is also a kind and loyal friend, and, in the astrological sense, this card symbolizes a person born under one of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). This card symbolizes a woman who is not lost under any circumstances (Amazon), suffering only a lack of endurance in stressful situations. Success is quite probable. In an inverted position, it symbolizes a “business woman”, who is making too many sacrifices for the sake of a ghostly idea. Hence, it can mean the discord in the family and the general failure.

Explanation: The Queen of Wands is an imperious ruler, and her decisions are noble and well thought out. She treats her followers with prudence, generosity and support. If you pull out this card, it means that you have a balanced character and are able to act boldly and imperiously, your personal relationships are based on a mature understanding, you are devoted and perceptive, also, you are strict, but just.

Main meanings: Inner strength and using intuition brings success. Believing in what you are doing, and doing what you believe in, can help you realize your goals.

Characteristics – A woman who is strong, enthusiastic, outgoing and independent. She is intuitive and has inner strength. Acts upon her feelings and uses her inner strength to reach her goals. She is confident, with great sales ability and a good organizer. Prefers action rather than reflection. Honest, loves sport and exercise and needs plenty of freedom to be her own person. Suited to a career in sales or any goal oriented position. If she is not already running her own business she would be an asset to any business.

The meaning of the inverted card: You tend to be narrow-minded, stubborn and despotic and, in addition, there is a clear possibility of jealousy and deception.

The Queen of Wands embodies the female side of the elements of fire. Thus, it symbolizes trust in oneself, peace with oneself, affection and gentleness, which testifies more to the mind than to adaptation. The Queen of Wands is always on her own. However, she is always open to everything new. The pride that governs her personality gives her greater inner strength, but it also makes her vulnerable to criticism and all sorts of offensive remarks. This card symbolizes the joy of life and the thirst for happiness to such an extent that it can result in a pure thirst for pleasure, in transition into the world of illusions and in the most wasteful spending of soul forces.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


A desire for independence. Here the Queen of Wands shows that we are at the moment open to any contacts, unbiased and ready to take on new big tasks, and moreover, we have quite enough energy and strength for solving these tasks. This card embodies our readiness for further maturation and development, through which we can move to a new level of awareness of our being.


A certain force flows into us, bringing warmth and joy, courage and a thirst for adventure. In addition, the card means that we are no longer hampered by small-minded reflections like: “Is it worth it?”, “And will it work out?”, And that we no longer allow other people to decide anything for us. It shows that we are completely ready to take destiny in our own hands and arrange the life as we want it to be. Now we have enough experience, independence, and consciousness for this.

Personal Relationships

The time of revealing mental abilities and striving to new heights. We are open to everything new, ready for dialogue, for a free exchange of thoughts and feelings, which can mean both the making of new, living and fruitful contacts, and the noticeable revival of the old union.