Seven of CupsDaydreams

The person looks at the seven cups hovering in the sky, containing the symbols of the seven gifts or temptations that Fate offers us to choose from: wealth, fame, sex, oblivion, inspiration, selfishness and jealousy. However, these symbols have different interpretations: it can be, for example, even seven deadly sins.

Cups symbolize the dreams and doubts of a person who thinks about what to choose. However, in reality it is a false choice. These gifts of Destiny are only a temptation, an illusion: whatever a person chooses from the gifts offered to him, it will not bring him happiness. This card drops out when a person feels that he knows all the possible options, and he should only choose one of them. No: in this case, he must either find another, completely different option, or to postpone the decision, because now it just can not be right.

An inverted card means that the false choice, alas, has already been made, and now it remains only to think how to correct the error.

Explanation: It is difficult for you to make a clear decision. For a moment, you are lost in a fantasy world in which your attention passes from one dream to another. Instead of taking any positive action, you are distracted by your dreams. Definitely, it would be prudent to concentrate on what you really need to achieve. Minimize your options, wake up from your dreams and do what you need to do. In the end, you are really capable of making a clear choice.

Main meanings: Too many choices and difficulty in making decisions. Lack of focus, confusion. To make realistic choices the suggestion is to go within to find what it is that you really want. The realization that to love other people, you must first learn to love yourself.  Daydreaming is fine in it’s place but we can’t escape from reality forever. Wishful thinking. Commit to one thing at a time.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are already able to concentrate on a particular task or project. Now you are on the right track. Achieve your goals.

The Seven of Cups is a card of untruth, illusion, mirage, ghosts. It shows that we are succumbing to deceptive hopes and false beliefs that we are deceived and allow ourselves to be deceived. As a rule, it acts as a harbinger of sobering up, that is, disappointment, and it must be taken as a last warning: open your eyes! Although it has a positive aspect: if we realize our delusions, get rid of illusions and really want to devote ourselves to something real, it promises us help and support from those from whom we did not expect it.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here it shows that recently we were engaged in the construction of air locks, we are building illusions, and in general we come to the unsteady and dangerous soil of empty projecting. And, if we do not take a sober view of things, we will not moderate our claims and will not limit ourselves to what is really feasible, we are facing a catastrophe. The card warns against fake transactions, from false goals, and in some cases from participation in dirty deeds and vile intrigues.


Here this card represents a period of unrealizable dreams and a look at everything through rose-colored glasses. If we understand that these are all illusions, then such euphoria can end by itself without painful consequences. If we take these dreams for reality, we will believe in them, then awakening can turn out to be very bitter. In its toughest variant, the Seven of Cups can mean escape from reality, leaping headlong into fantastic worlds, destroying habitual structures and, as a result, building new, illusory structures, some kind of irrational but extremely sweet reality for us, which sooner or later will burst, like a bubble.

Personal Relationships

In this sphere, the Seven of Cups can sometimes epitomize the euphoria of lovers. However, it warns that awakening can be painful. The point here is not that the object of our adoration is not worthy of it, but rather that we ourselves exaggerate the demands to it – and we ourselves will be to blame for our disappointment. It also advises not to lull your sanity with sweet dreams, but to treat your relationships with healthy skepticism.