Seven of PentaclesPerseverance

In the picture we see a young man leaned thoughtfully on his hoe. Often a man is pictured wearing a suit that consists of two parts – the light and dark ones; and he is thoughtfully looking on what has grown in his field. In the field, there is a vine that has seven pentacles on it.

This is the image of the sower, who is planting a garden and waiting for a harvest. However, while the harvest is still far away, the sower is full of doubts: will the seeds ascend? Will the fruits grow? The costume of the two halves symbolizes the duality of consciousness, hope and uncertainty.

Have patience, says this card. Every business takes time to end in success but if you sowed good, then the results you will get should also be good and your work will not be wasted. Well, and since the harvest usually takes a year to come, the card can mean an event that should take place in a year.

What does it recommend you to do? This card indicates that you should stop and study the situation, but then be ready to continue moving; it also says that if you are patient enough, you are more likely to succeed.

Explanation: This card indicates that everything is not going as it could. A lot of hard work has already been invested in sowing grain and caring for it, and the partial meaning of this card is to evaluate the results of this hard work. However, there is also a sense of uncertainty. If you pull out this card, be prepared for the fact that your expectations can not be realized, at least in the short term. Another explanation for this card is patience. If you are involved in complex transactions, spend some time thinking about possible outcomes – now you should not take hasty decisions. The Seven of Pentacles indicates that you need to do some extra work if you want to achieve satisfactory results.

Main meanings: Growth comes through hard work. Slow & steady growth. Business opportunities may arise, take your time and think them through before committing yourself either way. A time to think about where to invest what you have already earned. Plan your financial future. A card of steady progress.

The meaning of the inverted card: Impatience, anxiety and depression – your investments will not bring profit.

This card represents patience and slow growth. It recommends not to hurry, finding a promising chance for yourself, and comprehensively considering it, giving yourself time before making a decision: let the seed release the sprout, show its leaves and flowers. If we do not rush things and tear the fruits still green, then we can achieve success. Together with the Hanged Man and the Four of Swords, the Seven of Pentacles forms a triad, indicating the need for waiting. However, unlike the two cards, it does not mean a stop but a continuous growth.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here, the Seven of Pentacles means the need to prepare for a long but grateful expectation, until the next phase of development is over. If we were expecting an early result, we will most likely be disappointed. If we tried to speed up the events, we can fail. Thus, it is best to show a maximum of patience now, so that you can wait for a positive result with complete certainty.


The period of maturation of new ideas and concepts. This process is slow, but steady. It is required of us not to hurry with decisions but to give ourselves time to learn new ideas and thoughts, to get used to them.

Personal Relationships

In personal affairs, the Seven of Pentacles indicates a slow but sure growth in the quality of relations, promising a rich harvest. May also mean pregnancy. This card is a call to contemplation and patience, and if we are entering into a new union, this card also advises us not to hurry, not to interfere with our impatience with natural maturation.