Seven of SwordsStealth

On the image, we see a young man who looks like a clown. The man is leaving the enemy camp, carefully, on tiptoes, carrying five swords in an armful – it can be a joke or maybe, a man has stolen the swords. There are two swords left on the ground. The sky on the card is gray, it is a twilight. A person looks back like if he was wondering whether there is a chase behind him or not.

This is a person, who habitually tries to find a way out of a difficult situation with the help of cunning, to avoid conflict but now, alas, the tried and tested method does not help him well: two swords have remained with the “enemies”, and those that he could carry, cut his hands. You can not solve new problems with old methods, says this card.

In the direct position, it means, however, that such a person can still be persuaded, that he is able to abandon the old methods and learn new ones. In an inverted position, it means that there are few chances but only a few, which means that his plan is doomed to failure.

Explanation: This card clearly warns us against hasty, deceptive or impulsive behavior. The main message of the Seven of Swords seems quite clear: do not take what does not belong to you. Your plans will not materialize, as you intended, and, most likely, fail. Your desire is to get something at the expense of others. You deceived the trust given to you, did something shameful and now are trying to escape. You can be called an unreliable person.

Main meanings: New ideas, plans, and goals are in the air. If you are not getting the rewards out of life that you think you should, become more adaptable and be open to new ways of achieving your goals. Don’t give up. Doing the unexpected. This card carries a warning that there could is a hint of dishonesty or deception around you at this time. A presence of hidden agendas.

The meaning of the inverted card: You give useful advice to another person, you can be trusted, and, possibly, what have been stolen from you in the past will be returned.

The Seven of Swords shows the reverse side of the Magician. These cards both have a golden background, which explains their connection. The power of knowledge, a clear, sharp mind turn into cunning and intrigue, meanness and deception. In a softer form, it can be an evil tongue, intellectual arrogance, the unwillingness to notice things, the habit of whining, deflating, etc. It is not clear who is deceiving whom and it is also not clear whether we are a crook or a victim. But most often it turns out that we are the ones to harm ourselves.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


We can be deceived by somebody, or we can deceive ourselves; perhaps we are trying to achieve something by dishonest, fraudulent means. If this card falls out in response to a question about work, of course, you need to be alert, but the main thing is to take a closer look at how we behave ourselves, so as not to fall a victim to our own intrigues.


At the level of consciousness, it shows that we stubbornly do not want to recognize the obvious and avoid discussions on these topics. And this is dishonest primarily with respect to ourselves: thus, we close our way to the knowledge of the truth, and in particularly difficult cases we dedicate our lives to a deliberately false thing. Therefore, here this card should be taken as a serious warning and advice not to raise your views to an absolute, to question them more often.

Personal Relationships

Here the spectrum of this card’s meanings is very wide: from petty filth, like gloating and hypocrisy, to low lies, malice, meanness and betrayal. On the other hand, it may indicate a lack of openness in a relationship when we avoid direct talks with a partner or evade an important decision.