Seven of WandsHolding firm

On the picture, we see a man, who holds a wand, as if he was defending himself. He stands on the edge of the pit, from which six more wands rise to meet him – it seems that they are kept by enemies, ready to attack him. But the pit is deep, and they can not get out of it. Thus, this card means that even if you see danger somewhere – it really can’t hurt you.

This means that, in fact, there is a chance of danger wherever you are going, and this danger is quite real but there is no way it can hurt you or ruin your plans, which means that you can act boldly, not worrying about this danger.

In an inverted form, the forecast is rather negative. It, on the contrary, means that you are in danger.

Note: if you are not asking about an individual person but about a group or community, then the Seven of Wands can mean injuries and sacrifices, although there will not be many compared to the total number of people entering this community.

Explanation: To fight the enemy, you must rely on the internal reserves, as well as your physical strength. The success of the case will depend on your determination and courage. If you make any transactions, then know that you will face fierce competition. In your personal relationships, you need to clarify some specific issues that pose a constant problem for you and, even if at the moment you are in charge of personal relationships, you may need to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with your partner.

Main meanings: The message here is “don’t give up”. Continue on, even if life seems hard at the moment because you will succeed.  Stay on top of the situation – hold your own.

The meaning of the inverted card:  Do not let other people exploit you – keep patience and avoid indecisiveness.

The Seven of Wands means that we were attacked, that competitors, envious persons or other opponents are against us, and they are stronger than us or there are just more of them. Nevertheless, it shows that the chances of winning are good. You are in a better position. Therefore, it should be perceived as a warning: be careful and alert, so as not to lose your positional advantage, it goes without saying that the real physical attack is rarely discussed here; most often this is someone’s interference in our private or even personal affairs, an attempt to deprive us of something or to prevent something to be achieved.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here this card means mainly competition. We are entering a market where fierce rivalry prevails, or we are striving to get a place for which several people are claiming; this card also means someone’s attacks on us on work or an attempt to question our qualifications. In some cases, it points out that we have an envious person who wants to take our place but, one way or another, the situation is solid and if we are vigilant and will not let ourselves to be deprived of our advantages, then nothing threatens us.


Our views and convictions are strongly criticized. Perhaps we had to or will have to participate in debates. And, although in these debates we can find for ourselves something useful, they are conducted not for the sake of seeking the truth, but to annoy us and silence us, so from us, in this situation, we need more perseverance and firmness of convictions than a readiness for dialogue and a desire to learn from others.

Personal Relationships

Our relationship with a partner is under threat. It may be your conflict with him, although most often someone is interfering with the third one or there is a partner, who is yet not yours as you are only starting building your relationships. Also, this card can mean that you can have rivals. In this case, it gives us an advice: take this competition quite seriously, approach the matter wisely, and success will be on your side.