Six of CupsThe good old days

In the picture on this card we see a cozy old house and a garden near it. In the garden there is a boy who is holding a cup full of flowers and offering this cup to a little girl, who stands next to him. The landscape on the background looks quite picturesque and peaceful. A house has a thatched roof and a stone tower. In the foreground, we can see four more cups that stand in the row and all these cups are also filled with flowers, and another cup with flowers is on the nearby podium, decorated with a heraldic cross.

In the “Tarot of Aquarius”, the picture shows us an old woman, who has finally reached the peace, to which she aspired.

This card means coziness and peace. Where we are at home, where we feel safe, we can give a way out to our simplest and natural feelings – kindness, tenderness, love. Do not “save” feelings, says this card, let your relatives know that they are dear to you and you need them, protect them from bad emotions that visit your soul, but feel free to share your joy with them.

This card also stands for a kind of a “small” happiness, which may be not that significant, but received easily and without any risk. The meaning of this card will be especially pleasant for people who are beginners in something, for those who feel at home where they are now, while for enterprising and adventurous people it will mean stagnation and swamp.

Tip: Think about how your relationships and lessons that you have learned from life enriched you. But after that, be ready to move on – we all have to emerge from the past, live in the present and open up to what lies ahead.

Explanation: This card represents happiness or pleasant memories based on past acquaintances. Your heart fills with children’s joy. Perhaps you will meet an old friend, receive a gift or some unexpected news or something you will inherit. The Six of Cups symbolizes also new opportunities – so you may be offered a new job in a new place. In terms of personal relationships, this is the right time to assess the help and support that you receive from your partner.

Main meanings: Feelings of safety and security in the home. A strong card for nostalgia, either thinking about things from the past or visiting places from your past, maybe even old talents resurfacing which can be put to good use. You may run into an old friend.  Although we can glimpse the past, it is wise to put the past behind us and move forward with hope. Recollection of fond memories. Emotional reunion.

The meaning of the inverted card: Instead of living the present, you live in the past. Your ideas and values ​​are outdated. The receiving of awards, which, in your opinion, you deserve, is postponed, and a recognition that, in your opinion, you were supposed to get, was given to someone else.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Six of Cups say that we perceive our work more romantically than pragmatically, and we are fascinated by the very ideal of ​​it, rather than by the routine. In creative professions this is even a plus, however, where accuracy and organization are required, this approach only hinders both us and those who work together with us. If we are threatened with loss of work, orders or re-profiling, then this card indicates a return to children’s desires. And, depending on how much these children’s desires have been realized, it embodies either sadness and despair, or joy and a burst of new strength. If we simply have difficulties at work, it can mean that we want to return to those times (or to that job) when we succeeded.


We look back, most often on childhood, or surrender to the “wandering of the mind”. The images that appear in this case can be embodied in verses, paintings and other works of art. But they can also cause a desire to escape from reality, and just a demonstrative stupidity.

Personal Relationships

Here this card most often means warmth and kindness, characteristic for a period of fairy-tale love. Sometimes – memories of this period. It is in this sphere that the dreamy, sometimes sugary-sentimental side of this card is expressed most strongly, although in it there is poetry and true romance.