Six of PentaclesGenerosity and charity

In the picture is a wealthy merchant (or just a rich man) who stands, holding scales in one hand and weighting money, and using his other hand to share the money with the needy and homeless. Two beggars stand on their knees, waiting for their turn – they want to get money from the merchant and above them, in the sky, there are six pentacles.

This card symbolizes a person who, from pride, has decided that he has the right to decide who deserves to get money (and also how much money they deserve) and who doesn’t. However, this is rather a metaphorical explanation. In practice, we can interpret it not only in a material but also in a moral matter: thus, the person thinks that he can decide who deserves attention, friendship, love – and spiritual: with whom to share knowledge? He considers himself just and generous. In fact, he simply appeases his pride. He needs to have weak people around him to feel strong. True, these beggars are not so “weak”, perhaps they are just crooks flattering their patron to get more from him.

This card encourages us for giving others our feelings, helping them, be not proud, but just kind, although circumspect, and – do not give yourself the right to judge anyone whatsoever.

What else should you do? Probably, you should ask yourself whether you are generous to others as far as possible and whether you are fair to yourself. Maybe you need to be kinder to others and also pay more attention to those aspects of your personality that require more care and respect.

Explanation: This card draws our attention to charity. Pulling out the Six of Pentacles, you can expect that you will get something rightfully owned by you, and you will enjoy the results of your work. In addition, this card is usually associated with charity, gifts and philanthropy and may indicate that a job or a career advancement can be expected at work.

Main meanings: Indicates a stable financial situation. You may give or receive generously. Any purchases or business transactions made now are likely to be sound.  In a relationship question, this card can show one person has more control than the other within this relationship.

The meaning of the inverted card: You are in an unfavorable financial or business situation: you receive gifts, but they are given to you as bribes, your current prosperity is threatened by jealousy or unethical behavior.

The Six of Pentacles means qualities such as willingness to help, generosity and tolerance. It can indicate that we ourselves have such qualities or that someone will show them to us, and this is not a question of a momentary impulse or ostentatious piety, but of immanent traits of character, natural and permanent. On a practical level, this card can mean a reward, success, a promising project.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card indicates that we have taken up a worthwhile cause, in which others are also interested, and we will receive help and support from them. Our desires, ideas and plans meet the aspirations of others, and therefore, it gives us the opportunity to realize our creative potential. In addition, this card indicates that we ourselves should be ready to generously provide support and help to others.


In this field, it shows that we can find a worthy application of our knowledge and abilities, without hiding or holding them “in reserve” for fear that others may be smarter than us or can steal our ideas. This card says that we are not only ready, but also happy to help people who turn to us or, conversely, that we will not be denied assistance and support.

Personal Relationships

In terms of personal relations, the Six of Pentacles also points to mutual assistance and support. It means that we recognize for the partner the right to live by his truth, that we are always ready to show understanding and tolerance. Partners support each other in everything, sincerely dividing both joy and sorrow, supporting each other in difficult situations and not envying, but rejoicing at the success of the partner.