Six of SwordsLeaving your troubles behind

In the picture, we see a ferryman on his punt carrying two passengers to the other side of the river. The sky is gray. The man is leading the boat to the far shore. The two passengers who are in the boat, like mourners, are wrapped in scarves. The six swords are vertically sticking out of the boat’s edge, resembling crosses in the cemetery in this context.

This card means a person (or perhaps the whole family) who is taking an important step. He abandons the past life, from many habits, connections, occupations and goes to meet the unknown. Swords in this case symbolize memories of sad events and hopes for a better future.

For a person who is bold, accustomed to rely on one’s own strength, it literally means a chance of success: although the business he intends to do is not familiar to him, he has the strength and determination to succeed. For a person who is timid and indecisive, this card is unfavorable. It says that the risks and dangers are too big, so his idea is likely doomed to failure.

However, the Six of Swords insists that you must make this journey, you have the strength and tenacity to achieve your goal. Aim for what you can achieve in the future

Explanation: This card combines the symbolism of the number Six, associated with balance, as well as with motherhood and marriage, with Swords, which often indicate a struggle and failure. If you pulled out the Six of Swords, this shows that after failures it is important to move on. You recover after grief and loss; harmony will eventually prevail. This wandering through the water, symbolizing human consciousness, will become a journey of learning and personal development – thus, you will emerge from your difficulties much more wise and spiritually balanced.

Main meanings: A difficult cycle coming to an end.  Moving from rough into smooth waters. You will be taking some of your old beliefs and thoughts with you, to let go of them at this time would be too much, there will be a slow letting go of the past.  You have learnt from life’s trials and have peace of mind.  Can indicate overseas travel. Light at the end of the tunnel. Brighter days ahead.

The meaning of the inverted card: You can not escape from existing difficulties – you must stay in place and watch what happens, the trip you planned will be postponed.

The Six of Swords points to the changes that enable us to reach new shores. As a card of the “breakthrough”, it is as if in the middle between joyful performance of the hero (the Chariot) and sad farewell (the Eight of Cups). Its concrete meaning to a large extent depends on ourselves – on whether we are happy with the upcoming changes, whether we are waiting for them, or, on the contrary, we are afraid. In any case, it symbolizes the way to the new shore, which, however, will require us to leave the old one. What awaits us ahead is unknown. Therefore, it also means bitter farewell, insecurity, fears and worries, but also a certain curiosity and interest in what the future holds for us. It should be taken into account that this “new shore”, which awaits us ahead, does not necessarily mean physical movement from somewhere to somewhere; it can be the discovery of something new in yourself, the assimilation of new rules of the game, new norms of life, or an acquaintance with other cultures and religions.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card can predict both a dismissal and transition to another job, and the emergence of new tasks in the same place. In any case, the card shows that we will have to say goodbye to a familiar activity and get acquainted with a new one, which usually gives rise to uncertainty, and even brings fear. If we had our will, we would have preferred to stay on the old shore with at least one foot, until we get used to the new one. However, the card shows us that parting with the old is a prerequisite, without which the new shore will not open to us.


Gradual, cautious approach to new, previously rather alien to us ideas, usually under somebody’s wise leadership. The rejection of old ideas and views, the “transition period”, the uncertainty of the first steps of acquaintance with the new – this is the main meaning of this card.

Personal Relationships

Changes, both external and possibly purely internal. And the changes can be any. For example, parting with a former partner and looking for a “new shore” or, on the contrary, parting with previous ideas (for example, the inevitability of one’s own loneliness) and establishing a truly lasting relationship with a partner. In any case, we will have to part with the old, habitual norms of life, in order to move on to the new, not yet familiar.